350 Mission: Existing Building
And speaking of Green, commercial and new development (although this time on this side of the bay), from J.K. Dineen:

In the latest sign that Mission Street continues to thrive despite the economic downturn, GLL Development & Management is pushing forward with a 27-story tower at 350 Mission St, a super green design that could be the first San Francisco skyscraper to use non-biodegradable materials like plastic bottles and Styrofoam in some places instead of concrete.

Now don’t be shy, who has the renderings and would like to share? You know we’d do the same for you.
UPDATE (7/14): 350 Mission Street Scoop: A Plugged-In Tipster Delivers The Rendering.
S.F. tower developer GLL goes to green extreme [San Francisco Business Times]
Green Building Over In Oakland And Over BART (1100 Broadway) [SocketSite]

5 thoughts on “Speaking Of Green, Commercial, And New Towers: 350 Mission Street”
  1. Does the design even matter? You will not be able to see this building at all unless walking in front of it on Mission St.

  2. The design matters because the whole city uses power and water and raw materials and this building should need less of all of that. It is becoming the norm to place sustainability high on the list, but in the US that is mostly because of the high return on investment over time for sustainability features.

  3. There is a very small rendering of it in the Bizjournal link you supplied. It looks like a glass box but it is hard to tell given the size and angle of the photo.

  4. I used to stand every evening at the Transbay Terminal waiting for the 6 to take me home. This was right after the main floors of the Millenium started rising.
    I would look at the low-rise Heald building and think “That’s gotta be turned into a high rise one day – it’s completely surrounded by much larger buildings.”
    I just didn’t expect it to happen so quickly.

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