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Six months ago construction was well underway on 338 condominiums and San Francisco’s first Fresh & Easy market at 5800 3rd Street in Bayview. According to a plugged-in tipster, however, it appears as though construction has come to a complete stop:

You might want to check into the apparent work stoppages at the 2 residential projects being done by Noteware Development w/ financing from Goldman Sachs. The sites are the former Coke plant at 5800 3rd St (including the Fresh and Easy grocery tenant) and a smaller project on Jamestown St above Candlestick. There have been some fairly large liens published in the [San Francisco Business Times] in recent weeks. There is no activity at either site during working hours.

We’ll do some checking. In the meantime, can any other plugged-in readers confirm?
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15 thoughts on “RandomRumors: Construction Comes To A Halt On 5800 3rd Street?”
  1. It is true that construction has come to a complete stop at both the two sites. Being a Bayview resident who eagerly looked forward to the condo development and especially the Fast and Easy, but i have not seen workers at either site in almost a full month.
    I dont know if the model office is even open any longer at “The Heights” location on Jamestown. I too would like to know the source of the stoppage, and when work might soon resume.

  2. Didn’t Fresh and Easy have to start pulling back? They were starting lots of shops in lesser neighborhoods and running into problems. That could be a contributing factor, though obviously not the main issue. Ground floor retail is a nice idea, but can be a tough sell in less favored locations.

  3. Pretty sure Noteware Development recently filed for bankruptcy. A friend was doing project mgmt for them on their project down by Candlestick and told me this about a month or so ago.

  4. If the rest of the project was as dumb as the chosen location for this Fresh & Easy that the only thing that’s surprising is that this project ever started at all…

  5. I don’t think this article is fully accurate. I was taking Caltrain this morning and saw construction workers on the site that is north of the Delancey St. Movers. I didn’t see any activity on the southern construction site.

  6. I am not surprised by this development. Read my prior comments on this website about this area.
    As I predicted, Bayview/Hunter’s Point is, and always will be, a hotbed of driveby shootings, violent robberies, murders, etc. NOTHING has changed in the last 30 years, same old story.
    I feel sorry for the yuppies from out of state looking for an affordable place to live thinking that this area will change for the better in the near future. NOT!!! They just overpaid on a condo/house in one of the worst areas of this city.
    Then, you’re going to have other naysayers who think that the passage of Prop. F for the redevelopment of this area is going to change and will be crime free. NOT!!!
    Mark my words, I was born and raised in SF and will die seeing this area the same as it is today, a hotbed of driveby shootings, violent robberies, murders, etc.
    Here’s a saying that always holds true: YOU CAN TAKE THEM OUT OF THE GHETTO BUT YOU CAN’T TAKE THE GHETTO OUT OF THEM.

  7. North of Delancy Street is an entirely separate project at 5600 3rd St that has redevelopment agency involvement – this is a 2005 description: Armstrong Place is an entirely affordable project, with 256 for-sale and rental units — half for seniors — that nonprofit BRIDGE Housing plans to build at 5600 Third St.
    It’s taken literally years to get out of the ground.

  8. Drove by yesterday afternoon and was surprised to see a small group of construction workers (6) working on site. Not sure if this means the project is back on track or what.

  9. As far as I know, Noteware Develeopment is not in bankruptcy – they have other projects in other states – although we haven’t been paid for our work either. The real info on this project as well as the othe Bayview project on Jamestown (The Heights at Candlestick) that Noteware Development had completed athe first phase of and was ready to start selling, is that their equity partner, Goldman Sachs from New York, panicked over the sub-prime crash and GS’ internal projection that the foreclosure market in California as a whole would be extending to S.F., so GS decided to take over the projects from Noteware (any R.E. experience on the Goldman Sachs team? Not a whit!), hence the work stoppages on both projects … -That’s what New York banker egos will do for the Bayview! (apologies to any transpalanted New Yorkers who don’t deserve this generalization 😉 Meanwhile the acutal construction lender, Citibank, stood ready with Noteware to continue the projects and keep funding…

  10. As a resident of the Bayview and someone who is close to the project and has followed it since the approval process….yes this development has stalled to say the least. It will be up to Jessie Blout at GSUIG to revitalize the development as well as make sure that Goldman lives up to its statements of involving local urban entreprenuers in the development. There is a community benefits plan document that outlines the committment of the developer to include local MBE/WBE and (was included in the purchase contract from Levin Menzies/Lennar to Goldman Sachs). This development does not fall under the redevelopment agencies jurisdiction, however it would be good social/economic policy for the developer to volunteer to participate in the SF redevelopment agencies contracting policies.

  11. Drove by 3rd St site today and there was a crew of laborers tarping a rock pile. Original contractors banners removed and Cannon banners installed. A couple of Cannon hardhats were surveying the scene as well. Jamestown site remains unchanged.

  12. Noteware Development also has a stalled project here in Phoenix, AZ.
    “Sevilla” a Condo project in Moon Valley, no work at the construction site in the past 120 days.

  13. Fax from THOMPSON PACIFIC on June 5th:
    “We have several court dates in the next several weeks with Goldman Sachs & Noteware Development for receiving past due payments. As you are aware, Thompson Pacific has not received progress payments on both jobs since January and we are owed several millions of dollars.”

  14. Yeah Jamestown Condos is a “Ghostown”. Yeah that Noteware Development company had no clue how to develop projects. I have also heard that all their other projects in Las Vegas & Arizona have gone under as well. I think he had to file Bankrupcy. Also you can see why Goldman Sachs copmany now is in bad finanical state, hiring horrible employees, who get the company in business with people like Noteware Development. Dont you do some background checks on the developers before spending money. I assume the people that worked at Goldman got fired for this one, huh.

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