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From a reader:

“I couldn’t help but notice the surface parking lot (operated by Liberty Park Management, Inc.) is now fenced off. The Location: 1800 Block of Van Ness at Washington (It is the South and East Corner). Any news on this one?”

That is was 1898 Van Ness (will be 1868 Van Ness). And while we don’t have any news (but can note what appears to be an eight-story building lingering in the background of a rendering for what was to be Sunrise’s “Sterling of San Francisco” on the corner of Clay and Van Ness), perhaps another plugged-in reader might.

And as always, big bonus points for renderings and photographs (tips@socketsite.com).

UPDATE: A plugged-in reader responds: “It’s approved for an 80 ft. building with 35 units. 3,000 SF of ground floor retail & 35 below grade parking spots.” Now about those renderings…

UPDATE: While the address of the former corner gas station was 1898 Van Ness, a plugged-in reader correctly notes the address of the new development will be 1868 Van Ness (which we probably should have figured out and explains a/the lot).

8 thoughts on “A Reader Wonders: What’s Happening At Van Ness And Washington?”
  1. It’s approved for an 80 ft. building with 35 units. 3,000 SF of ground floor retail & 35 below grade parking spots. This is seperate from the Sterling site. I looked at a unit a block away in January, and did a lot of research on this area. There is a lot of stuff planned over the next several years.

  2. Better yet, what ever happened to that development on pacific that the back neighboring (much taller) buildings HOA was trying to block?

  3. Another priceless and irreplacable historical building being bulldozed in the name of ‘progress’ … sigh.

  4. I used to live nearby and my hubby and I would always stop and get a good laugh out of all the windows on that building next door to this lot. The National Trust for Historic Preservation has a “Yikes” section tailor-made for a side of a building like that (though I think all those windows are actually original, not added)! While it will be nice to see something replacing that parking lot, I’m glad SocketSite has a photo of those windows for posterity 🙂

  5. I hope that is tongue in cheek jimmy, this building will go onto the site of the currently abandoned gas station…..

  6. There’s an old and vacant bakery (?) up for sale at the southeast corner of Jackson and Van Ness. I wonder whether that will alos end up as condos?
    This section of Van Ness is becoming somewhat blighted imo. Some stores are closing or closed and their doorways are now homeless “shelters”.

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