1800 Van Ness Avenue (Image Source: MapJack.com)
As far as we know what is currently a two-story FedEx Kinko’s on the northeast corner of Van Ness and Clay is still slated to become “The Sterling of San Francisco,” an eight-story, 62-unit “senior living community” with 82 parking spaces, 5,100 square feet of ground-floor commercial, and a more upscale 1754 Clay Street address.
1800 Van Ness/1754 Clay Street as proposed:
The Sterling of San Francisco: Design Proposal
And the reader’s question we can’t answer: When will demolition/construction commence?
UPDATE: According to a plugged-in reader: “Not gonna happen. They lost their funding. Should be on the market in a month.”
The Sterling of San Francisco (1754 Clay Street) [thesterlingsanfrancisco.com]

10 thoughts on “Serving Up The Seniors (Rather Than The Copies) At 1754 Clay Street”
  1. Glad to see something more appropriate for the location going in that space. They’ve been slowly demolishing the 2 story office for months now.
    Check out the building two over in the render – its currently a defunct gas station/parking lot. I’d love to see a render of what is planned there!

  2. how come this building can have 62 units with 82 parking spaces, while the other new bldgs have less parking than units.

  3. condoshopper, the parking spaces are prob for commercial use as this is a heavy commercial area.
    PS this design and the other senior living place being built on Gough near Turk? are two of the cooler designs being proposed. How come the elderly get all the cool stuff?

  4. I can’t believe they’re tearing down that historical landmark and filling up the neighborhood with (gasp!) Old People.
    SF will never be the same if this happens. The building should be reduced in height to -2 stories (preferably, underground). A park should be put in above the new building, with plenty of comfy park benches for the homeless to sleep on.

  5. This is a Sunrise senior Living project. Sunrise is in chaos with “accounting irregularities”, a downward restatement of earnings by $173 million and a threat by the New York Stock Exchange to suspend them from trading (barely avoided). I don’t they’ll be building anything. Sunny Jim is right.

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