“The world’s third-largest retailer plans to open the first full-service grocery store along San Francisco’s Third Street corridor, concluding a more than decadelong effort by city officials to expand the impoverished area’s food shopping options.
Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market, the aggressively expanding U.S. division of British-based Tesco PLC, has signed an agreement to buy the 15,000-square-foot retail space of a condominium project from co-developers Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Noteware Development, said Roberto Munoz, the company’s neighborhood affairs manager. The 360-unit project is located at 5800 Third St., a former Coca-Cola factory.”
After years, Bayview will finally get full-service grocery store [SFGate]
Bayview Development [SocketSite]

10 thoughts on “JustQuotes: Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market Coming To Bayview”
  1. Fresh & Easy looks like a Trader Joes type of store to me. Tesco is a well-run company, but the US grocery market has been pretty tough for foreign companies to crack.

  2. It’s great that this neighborhood is finally getting a full-service grocery store. There are a lot of families with kids in this area– I can’t imagine trying to shop for healthy family meals in a convenience store. Good for Tesco! I hope the store is a success.
    (And I LOVE the paranoid classism of may commenters on this board. Just to let you know, I have actually visited this neighborhood on occasion and returned sans bullet holes. Fancy that!)

  3. gh, if you knew anything about what “bad” neigborhoods were really like, you’d know that a very, very small slice of the population are violent or criminally inclined. Therefore, the market for the goods you mentioned wouldn’t be large enough.
    Most poor people are law abiding citizens. But that fact may spoil some of your political beliefs.

  4. Yes, it was a generalization, but being held at gunpoint as I was down there two years ago, that neighborhood scares me. It’s not the 99% law-abiders that i’m worried about. I am “paranoid” of dying in my 30’s I guess.

  5. a good step for the area. evn though i don’t live in the area, the city surely doesn’t have enough quality grocery stores and any area that can get one is great.

  6. gh and others who are so negative. You definitely do not have any concern for people other than yourselves. Where do you live? Do you think that crime is not all around you. There are a lot of nice people in the Bayview. If you don’t like the area, stay away, but keep your racist comments to yourself.

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