1205 Cole: Kitchen
It’s bound to feel a bit too cold (or perhaps even industrial) to some, but we quite like the how the clean kitchen and baths compliment the Edwardian character of 1205 Cole.
1205 Cole: Master
∙ Listing: 1205 Cole (2/2) – $1,250,000 [MLS]

7 thoughts on “A Clean Compliment To The Edwardian Character Of 1205 Cole”
  1. WOW! Used to live in this neighborhood and if I could put my mitts on that place I’d be back. Love the showers too – looks like lots of fun!

  2. I don’t think that the garage needs work at all, in fact that’s one of the 2 options for condo conversion I belive…
    Leave everything exposed… Or make sure there is not one exposed hole in the drywall.

  3. Beautiful house – unfortunate that it was divided into condos – the added walls look out of place. The bathrooms remind me of the girls’ locker room in high school.

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