2243 Franklin

Having last changed hands on 5/31/07 for $1,250,500 this apple has barely had a chance to ripen. Nonetheless, it’s back on the tree and looking to be picked.

Granted, 2243 Franklin is on a busy street. But then again, it’s no busier than it was ten months ago. And it is a rather nice top floor unit with some nice detailing and a great deck out back.

You know the drill. And the point isn’t whether or not the sellers will make money on this transaction, it’s how has the market moved since they were the buyers.

∙ Listing: 2243 Franklin (2/2) – $1,275,000 [MLS]

7 thoughts on “Apples To Apples To Be In Pacific Heights: 2243 Franklin Street”
  1. I looked at this one last year, it’s nice. I also looked at the houses on 30th and Douglass in Noe. It’s amazing how many of these places are coming back on the market after just a year or two.

  2. Guess the owners tired of hearing the street noise.
    I think the “new” market will cause this one to suffer…

  3. I am not a big fan of a lot of SFO architecture/styles (I know I am weird) but this looks pretty nice on the outside. Kinda got a real nice feel to it. Curb appeal imo!

  4. Pretty on the inside, but if I lived there I would have to do something to bolster my masculinity. Lavender with purty white ribbons!

  5. So Coop, you still up for $1.150 on this one three and a half weeks later? This one is headed further South for a number of reasons 1. Traffic + original windows = noise 2. The kitchen, seriously in need of $20K, who makes tile in vomit color and matches (ish) the cabinets 3. Small bedrooms 4. Walk outside to go downstairs to do your laundry. Walk on by….

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