The actual view from Infinity unit #28A
From a plugged-in reader and contract holder at Infinity:

I’m an infinity buyer and recently received a call from the sales office to come in for my walkthrough…It would be great [to allow readers] to post their experiences with their particular walkthroughs: impressions, problems, surprises, etc. With a good number of responses, it could serve as a nice tool for those of us who have not yet done our walkthrough.

Great idea and consider this the community’s opportunity. An extra special thanks to any plugged-in readers who choose to forward a photo or video to share ( And yes, off topic comments will be summarily censored deleted without apology (and we’ll provide a similar opportunity for buyers at One Rincon Hill tomorrow today).
Oh, and not to spoil the surprise for the buyer(s) of #28A, but that’s the actual view from your unit above (and let’s not forget those invitations to the housewarming(s)).
The Infinity: The “Official” Dates And Update (8/24/07) [SocketSite]

36 thoughts on “Walkthroughs At Infinity: A Chance To Share Your Impressions”
  1. Having done a few walthroughs myself, you can ask for the big (and medium) items to be fixed. But keet it reasonable. I’ve heard of an instance of a buyer on a walkthrough coming up with a list of several hundred items to be fixed/modified. Obviously, that unit’s sale did not close. The developer just laughed at the ridiculousness of the situation and sold the unit to another buyer.

  2. Thanks for the list anonSF. I’ll be doing my walkthrough on one of the tower units next week and will report back on my impressions and potentially pictures if they fail to notice or actually allow them.
    Also, anon, with the market how it is, I wonder how keen they will be on throwing away a picky buyer. I’ve never done a walkthrough before on a new condo, but I wonder if this is the time to make sure everything is perfect. Hell, I imagine there are some people who might even use walkthroughs as a chance to get out of their contract.

  3. I helped a friend with a walk through of their brand new condo. At the end of the walk through, the apt looked like blue tape exploded everywhere, but the developer did fixed things including re-painting the walls/baseboards, sanding a metal staircase and replacing appliances.
    Before scheduling the walk-though ask the developer if the project’s architect has completed their punchlist on the unit and whether the contractor has fixed everything on the architect’s list. The architect’s punchlist occurs at substantial completion, when the project (or unit)is 97% complete. If you can get a copy of the puchlist, it will be helpful to identify deficiencies the architect saw.
    Try not start your walk through until the architect’s punchlist has occured or you end up being responsible for checking everything in the apartment. If the developer states the architect is not responsible for the punchlist, schedule a 3 hour appointment min, bring a lot of blue painter’s tape (2-3 rolls) and tag everything things from small paint nicks to non-functioning electronics. Then take photos and send the developer a letter with all the issues listed. Use the list to keep track of when things are fixed.
    Final word: when you enter the apt for the walk through the work should be finished, power is on and the apt should be clean. If this is not the case, do not start the walk through and ask for it to be rescheduled as the apt is not ready. Follow up you verbal request with a letter or email. (You can not check a wood floor or painted walls for nicks if they are dusty).
    Have a successful walk through!

  4. What I understand is that the Infinity is allowing buyers into their units now. This is not a walkthrough, just a sneak peak for the buyers to check out their units before they allow others into the building.
    Most likely your unit will be a shell, so no need to bring your check list.
    The Infinity is something special. Maybe not as special as The Millenium but close enough 🙂

  5. I’m also an Infinity buyer– in Building C.
    If walk-thru’s are happening now, does that mean move-in is going to happen pretty soon?
    Also, if people try to use walk-thrus to get out of the contract, what happens to the 3% deposit?

  6. Woohoo! so they are finally letting folks into the building? For those fortunately enough to get in, please post pictures.
    I walk by the development often and it’s exiting to see the lobby, sidewalks, and courtyards near completion. And I can’t wait till Nancy Oakes and her fellow Boulevard chefs open their restaurant. This is going to be the “it” development in the city…
    Regarding move-ins, I heard early Feb, they will start closing on the treetops on Main St, followed by the lower levels of the tower.
    Anyone have news on when the 2nd tower will start sales? It’s already like 25 stories high…

  7. Ok, my take. I was lucky enough to go inside the building 2 times since I had friends who bought different units.
    Move in’s will start in late March/ early April. As mentioned earlier, treetop C will be the first. They are scheduling move in dates now for the building.
    dxn, I would take a look at the building before you even have thoughts of losing your deposit. I saw a few of the one bedroom at the treetops and they are NICE. As my friend said, something about the unit makes it feel “good” once walking in. For the s/f it looks and feel bigger than it is. I’ve been into a lot of 1-bedroom new development condos in the city and these units at the Infinity are right on top. Granted you have no view, but I’d rather have these than the top floor of the Palms, Arterra, 170 Townsend, Soma Grand etc. I don’t want to speculate on your pricing but these units are in line with other less desirable buildings. Take a look at Shore|line. The unit that’s a REO is 900s/f and they are asking $800k. Units at the Infinity started less. The Palms are now asking close to $650k for a 600 s/f condo. Plus, lets not forget about the location.
    The architecture is what makes this building stand out. Once walking into the lobby, you can tell by the little details. All the units connect underground and the central point is the workout center. The pool was gorgeous and the fitness center was enormous, I think people will get more excited as the building gets closer to open. I used to love The Brannan as the #1 building in SOMA but The Infinity wins hands down!
    I know I’m biased.
    [Removed by Editor and now back to walkthroughs…]

  8. My partner and I are scheduled to do our walk-through in the coming weeks. We were able to take a hard-hat tour a few weeks ago and our unit was essentially complete. Our impressions from the hard hat tour:
    The views from our unit were better than anticipated. While we would have preferred a higher floor, price dictated otherwise – a low-teens floor which were very happy with. We have a south-west facing f-stack unit and were really pleased with the urban to bay views down Main Street. The downtown views are also impressive although we’re aware of the future development plans across the street that will limit these views somewhat.
    The units have a very high level of fit and finish – the attention to detail is quite good. For example, joints at doors and floor boards are aligned and well mitered. The upgraded wood flooring and carpet were very well executed. The use of quality materials is evident. The courtyard and lobby is coming along really well and demonstrate the same level of high-quality materials. Overall, the project has a very modern and impressive sense about it. Our only really area of concern was the tile used in the second bath – it seems cheap and uninspired and we’ll look to replace it quickly. Also a watch out is how the common area of each floor turn out. While the wood doors are quite elegant – the framing is metal and has the potential to look less elevated than anticipated.
    The sales team at The Infinity has been exceptional. They are very open in sharing what they know about the progress of the building, keeping us informed and bending over backward to assist us in anyway possible. A small cabinet defect we noted during the hard hat tour prompted a quick response from the sales team indicating that it would address quickly. It’s a good reflection on things to come. For example, the head concierge sent a pair of tickets to the fall opera to introduce himself. The sales team sent out a great Kheils gift set for Christmas. They should be applauded for their efforts and attention to detail.
    We excited to become future residents and look forward to meeting others from SocketSite

  9. recentinfinitybuyer, I’m glad you are excited about your new place. The building and views do appear to be beautiful. But see dxn’s question. Has it crossed your mind that the little perks from the sales team are driven by a fear that large numbers of buyers will walk away from what now appear to be purchases that are higher than current market prices? Why not use that to get something much more valuable than a couple of tickets and some soap, like a discount off the sales price?

  10. I really doubt you could use a walkthrough to get out of purchasing your unless there was some major difference in what your were promised (like a missing closet or such).
    I too got the gifts. I dunno, I thought it was kind of a nice touch. Not sure about anyone else, but I don’t think my unit has lost value (and I’m not being naive–I got a good price). In any case, who cares? I’ll enjoy living there.

  11. anonsf, you don’t need to use the walkthrough to get out of purchasing the unit. You can just walk away for any or no reason at all. The most you forfeit is 3% of the price. If the walkthrough revealed material problems, that might permit you to get even the 3% back.

  12. Agree with anonSF…we locked in a great $/sq ft rate and while yes, the gifts are a nice touch, we’re fully aware that there is a fundemental question of the future value of any property in SF.
    Our strategy: location, location combined with buying the “cheap house” in a great neighborhood. Both sound investment strategies in the long term – I’ve followed this strategy 3 times and have wound up much wealthier for it. This isn’t a pump and dump investment.
    And despite the bears / bulls comentary that rages on this site, at the end of the day it also about living in a space and location that enhances the value of your life. As mastercard likes to remind us – these qualitative and emtional element are often not defined by price. We value the ability to walk out our front door and have pretty much anything we need (outdoors, fitness, food/dining, serices, movie theaters, etc)within a 10-15 minute walk in a great part of town.

  13. I have been in the building a couple of times and my opinion on the outcome is mixed. I bought a higher floor corner unit (facing the new tower with bay views from 2 bedrooms) and have seen the unit without the upgrades I ordered.
    Pros: View looks like it is going to be a little better than I though.
    Master bath has decent finishes and looks good
    Hallway has a spacious feel
    Common areas have good fit and finish.
    Cons: Cheap hollow core doors
    2nd bathroom and hallway bath tile looks cheap
    no storage in kitchen
    Can’t wait to see the fitness center and restaurant when it is finished.
    Has anyone heard when the move in dates will be for floors 30 and up?

  14. I have been through a couple of units, and I can say the Infinity delivers more than it promises. The new Nancy Oaks Restaurant is in a gigantic cavernous light filled space, the gym is huge, indeed the entire amenities floor is huge. The units feel new and “restfull”. I even love the wallpaper in the hallways. I am sincerely excited about seeing the finished product.

  15. As another Infinity buyer, I too am please with how the development is turning out.
    My corner unit is more spaceous than I anticipated. The bedroom closets are small, but I plan to wall off the den to make a huge walk-in.
    The water view is pretty much what I expected, and the 2nd building is not as close as I thought it would be. In fact, the 2nd building will add some texture and interest to the expansive water views. My balcony is larger than I thought it would be.
    The baths and kitchens are nicely done though I will replace the 2nd bath’s sink and fixtures immediately.
    The hallways are configured in a way that each corner unit will have privacy, and a feel of exclusivity.
    The gym is huge! Larger than many professional gyms, and the indoor pool is olympic size (length wise) and elevated above the gym. Some have mentioned the gym is the largest private gym in the city. After seeing it I have no reason to dispute that.
    The courtyard and lobby are nicely done and airy. The sidewalks are wide with huge planted trees lining it.
    All in all, I think Infinity has gone above expectations and I can wait to make this my new home.
    I’m above the 25th floor and anticipate closing sometime in May.

  16. Are any other buyers interested in working together on identifying a contactor to replace the second bathroom tile and vanity? We’re planning to do so as well.

  17. I’m going to wait to make the call until I see it, but if it is not right, I’ll certainly be in on identifying a contractor and potentially jointly negotiating a price.
    Also, FYI, I got a call today that said my walkthrough had to be delayed. It does not sound like move in’s or construction is behind schedule, only that they need to focus on people moving in earlier. Not sure why I was scheduled and canceled over a period of a week, but hey, I’m sure things are moving pretty fast in that sales office.

  18. I bought a 2bd corner unit at the Infinity back in early ’07 around the 11th floor for ~$990/sqft. I got my requested move-in date but later told that some of my upgrades for the unit won’t be completed before then. The sales office is not willing to accommodate another date change. Has anyone else experienced similar issues and have any suggestions as to what I should do?
    Also, just wondering what others living in the low teens paid for their units in the building. Thanks!

  19. justengaged, are you saying you will have to close before all your upgrades are in? That doesn’t make sense since most appraisers won’t appraise an incomplete unit (or note that the unit is incomplete in their appraisal), and lender subsequently will not fund the loan.
    I would go back to the sales office and get some clarification.
    I didn’t buy in the teens, but under $1000/sqft is a fair deal since I know many treetop units are going for $900-1100/sqft for many of the nicer units.

  20. Justengaged,
    I agree with AIF, there is likely some confusion or miscommunication. Check back with the sales office. If that is how it is, put your foot down, that is not ok.
    As for my unit. I grabbed one in the upper single digits for a slick low floor deal of about $725. Only a courtyard view, but was the only way I could get into the building that just keeps getting better as they finish it up.

  21. At first, the leasing office wouldn’t budge, saying that the only guaranteed upgrades were floors and closets and all other upgrades could be finished post-closing. But upon recent conversations, they notified me that my move-in date was indeed moved back by a couple of months because of “new construction delays”. Thanks AIF and Cabrewolf for your help!

  22. cabrewolf, are you saying you got a unit in the Tower for $725/sqft? That is the lowest price i have heard of for the tower. When did u book that great deal?

  23. Our walk through date was also pushed back the same week it was scheduled. However, I heard some people on higher floors who planned to close in may/june are now being forced to close in Feb. I think the developer is trying to drive up appraisal comps. We’re taking a firm hand and asking for some concessions if they move the date past our originally close. We’ve heard they are somewhat open to this.
    Justengaged – which stack are you in? We’re in the “f” stack on a similar floor and locked in around $840/sq ft.

  24. recentinfinitybuyer, what sorts of concessions are you planning on asking for? we are in the “b” stack with a “sliver” of water view…

  25. @recentinfinitybuyer:
    Our walk through date was also pushed back the same week it was scheduled. However, I heard some people on higher floors who planned to close in may/june are now being forced to close in Feb. I think the developer is trying to drive up appraisal comps. We’re taking a firm hand and asking for some concessions if they move the date past our originally close. We’ve heard they are somewhat open to this.
    You’ve lost me. They may be moving up some closings, but you are going to try to get some concession if they move yours back?! And how, exactly, does moving up a closing date “drive up appraisal comps?”
    Most new buildings are late. The developer wants to close units so they can get their money, so they will try to close ASAP. I would also seriously doubt you’ll be able to get any concessions of they miss their dates. Never heard of that before.

  26. I just had an opportunity to see some units(for my self and friends) first time. There was no surprise
    at all. It is just like the people described on this post. The second bath is awful! The base board finishing could be better. We didn’t have any upgrade ordered due to the price and selections. Other than those, it is just what I expected. Although I have to say the view is much better! They scheduled our closing escrow date in mid Feb!! We will work with our interior designer to upgrade to a certain comfortable level before we move in. She is a young talent lady, is any one else interested?

  27. We are buyers in the “F” stack on a high floor. Closing dates seem to be all over the map with a lot of typical new construction lingo and confusion. Bottom line is that we won’t be closing until much of the building is complete. Simply doesn’t make for a nice living environment. The sales team has been very accomodating and polite, truly trying to make sure our experience a positive one.
    In regard to closing higher floors first for comps. Simple math. If they close the higher floor units with views, i.e. getting a higher price per square foot it will drive the comps up.

  28. I bought above the 28th floor and was supposed to be in the first wave of closings, but was told that the uppers floors had not been released to the design center. We were pushed back at least 2-3 months, so I am curious if there is anyone who has a closing date on a high floor.

  29. In Nov, I was told closing will start the first weekend of Feb in one of the treetops. But walking by the development they don’t look ready for move-ins.
    My guess is they will start late Feb, early March…

  30. Update on closing dates…We just went by the building…the lobby is pretty much up and running, just needs furniture. There are now doormen at the front desk. We spoke with one of them briefly and he said the first move in will be this coming Monday. I was a bit uncertain of this as I thought they were still waiting for the final “white paper” from the CA Dept of Real Estate.
    We’re now scheduled for a walk through mid February with an end of Feb. close…can hardly wait.
    Also, if you’ve not been to the Studio Becker showroom (8th and Townsend), I’d encourage you to do so. They can help you with adding additional storage in the kitchen (e.g. adding to the island, converting the upper cabintery to fully functional storage versus closed/fixed fronts, etc.) The team there is outstanding.
    Regarding my ealier post…higher floors = higher price sq/ft and thus helps drive up comps.

  31. Regarding your walk through – take this as an opportunity to capture as many defects in workmanship and material as you possibly can. This is it – if you dont speak up now it will be difficult later to have the repairs done.
    When I purchased at Bridgeview I spent 6+ hours in my unit and handed over a mighty long list. Some items they disputed like a faulty shower door. I complained so much later that it was finally replaced because it was on my punch list.
    I plan on spending that much time or even more and I expect my unit to be as near to perfect as possible. After all I deserve nothing less. I am not going to even be concerned if the sales representative gets restless during the wait. That is just the way it is. Dont shortcut this opportunity!

  32. I noticed a few things when I went inside my unit the second time. The knobs for the gas were on kind of wierd, they weren’t on properly. The washer/dryer is different than what they have in the sales center. They say its better…but I have to check it out.
    We will definitely need more light – the bathroom lighting was very dim so we need more lights there. Of course I think we need to get an electrician to do the lighting.
    The kitchen cabinets are kind of nice – I think you can move the shelves around. There is wasted space on the top, not sure if there is a duct but I think there’s one.
    The closet’s kinda cheap-looking, but I guess they are thinking that people will change it themselves or have done the upgrade.
    Oh, yeah, the doorbell rang nice 🙂
    I went into the lobby this morning, and the furniture is in. The mailboxes are new and shiny and so is the elevator.
    I have a few words, “Lap of Luxury. Done Right”

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