The backside of 71-73 Miguel
After a little over two months on the market, the list price on 73 Miguel has been lowered $420,000 (12.7%). No word on what’s happening with number 71 next door (which was originally listed for $2,995,000 or $300,000 less than number 73).
And if nothing else, we’re using this as an excuse to finally run a photo of the house’s backside (and the view through all that great glass).
The views from 71-73 Miguel
UPDATE (1/24): The list price on 71 Miguel has been reduced $346,000 (now listed at $2,649,000).
∙ Listing: 73 Miguel (4/3.5) – $2,875,000 [MLS] []
A Peek Inside (And Prices For) The Modern Duo On Miguel [SocketSite]

2 thoughts on “The Backside, View, And Rather Big “Right Pricing” Up On Miguel”
  1. RS: You could be ‘right on’ . In the prior posting RS felt that these homes were over price by $500k. 73 Migel is currently reduced by $420k from $3,295,000 to $2,875,000.
    “Seems pricey. So we saw it in December, one part of me is surprised that its still on the market, another part of me is totally not surprised. Still nice, but probably overpriced by at least 500k if not close to 1mil over what someone in that area would pay.”
    Posted by: RS at December 16, 2007 9:01 PM
    “Buyer beware! Just a block away going West are blocks and blocks of HUD public housing. Starting with Addison St., Diamond Hts. Blvd., Gold Mine Drive and many other streets. It’s been there for over 30 years and those areas are a haven for gangs, robberies, car theft and violent crime.”
    Posted by: Daniel at November 17, 2007 1:58 AM
    While attending Galileo in 1965 (O.J. was in my class), I recalled the opening of McAteer High School in the Diamond Heights area. With Juvenile Halls located blocks away this was a rough area in the 1960’s. However, I rarely read about recent crimes in the Diamond Heights area. I believe that the major of SF’s serious crimes occur in Bayview, Tenderloin, Inner Mission, and Western Addition areas. Below are references to a couple of links from The Chronicle.

  2. Daniel is correct.
    I rent a house on Bemis St., just a block away from these beautiful condos. Unfortunately, all along Addison St. and surrounding areas are many government assisted (Section 8 HUD housing) apartments.
    My backyard faces Addison St. and I always hear loud music from their cars and teenagers loitering on the streets, especially on weekends. Cars also race up and down Addison.
    There was also a drive by shooting near 105 Addison St. that killed a person and injured another.
    Hope this advice helps to anyone considering this area.

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