71 Miguel: Living
Two weeks ago we let you know they were coming. Today we let you know that the interior pictures are online and the prices: $2,995,000 and $3,295,000. Oh, and that there’s a “Wine and Cheese Twilight Tour” this Wednesday (11/14).
71 Miguel: Bath
73 Miguel: Kitchen
∙ Listing: 71 Miguel (4/3.5) – $2,995,000 [MLS] []
∙ Listing: 73 Miguel (4/3.5) – $3,295,000 [MLS] []
Two New Modern Homes On Miguel Coming Soon (Prices Unknown) [SocketSite]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by DesignBot

    Are those Virtual Reality images or are my eyes playing tricks on me?

  2. Posted by Dave

    That bathroom is fugly! Those little green tiles look like 1960’s institutional or something (though I’ve seen them elsewhere recently, I’m horrified to think that they might be “in.” The wood and the tile don’t look good together either, at least to me.
    Actually, putting the appearance aside, I’m always amused by builders who create bathrooms with no storage or counter space (pedestal sinks, etc.) Does anybody actually live this way? I owned a home once with pedestal sinks in the bathrooms. They looked very nice and model-like, but, with no place to put your bathroom “stuff” (a little medicine cabinet doesn’t cut it!) and not even a countertop, I absolutely hated them.
    I think too many people get sucked in by the nice, clean looks and don’t think about how completely impractical it all is.

  3. Posted by MattP

    The bathroom is clearly a portal into The Matrix…

  4. Posted by jj craile

    wow-I toured these houses sun. and they are stellar talk about living large someone give me a million $$$$$$$$$$

  5. Posted by view lover

    This place looks very cool but i’m curious where are the views? i’ll have to check it out wed along with the wine & cheese

  6. Posted by broker

    Their price points may be on the upper end for this location but having viewed the homes I found them to be exceptional. With over a decade of real estate experience I believe these to be built with quality, and a sophisticated attention to detail so rarely found in builders homes.

  7. Posted by neighbor

    As a neighbor of these properties I was a bit skeptical with the contemporary architecture at first but now that they are completed and I’ve been inside I’m converted- they really take maximum advantage of the views and are not cold and austere at all.I am delighted to have such a beautiful home near by!

  8. Posted by Mole Man

    I once had a “vanity” with little drawers and a door. It got in the way, I bonked my knees on it, it was hard to clean along the side of the tub because of it. The worst was when a plumbing incident sprayed everything in there. Now I have a pedastal sink and an IKEA “MOLGER” shelf unit thingy and am way happier.

    Looking at the renderings, though, it seems like the sink is a vanity with integrated storage, and the medicine cabinet is big enough for an important person’s meds. Perception issues set off by green tiles?

    What bugs me is the glass on the showers and tubs. It gets spotty with the first use and isn’t soft and easily washed and replaced like a good shower curtain is. Good for photo shoots, but bad for actually living in.

  9. Posted by architectural digest reader

    I absolutely love these houses.
    How refreshing to get away from the ho-hum home depot shlock in the typical spec house.

  10. Posted by Lance

    I think these are really nice. BTW, isn’t this techically in Glen Park? The listing says Noe Valley.

  11. Posted by Recent Infinity Buyer

    Oh….if I only had an extra $2M. Fabulous homes, great attention to detail. Kitchens are amazing. Back of the homes look as good, if not better, than the fronts.

  12. Posted by McBravio

    Glass shower cutains stay clean if you use a squeegee.

  13. Posted by Someone

    This very much glen park, and quite pricey for Noe right now, let alone Glen park. Timing is also tough, though I must admit the pics look great.
    What’s the sqft on these bldgs? seems like 700-900 a floor at most, otherwise they had more bedroom at the same level. definitely a problem for a family.
    I also wonder if these are technically condos, property shark only shows one wider than usual lot for both addresses

  14. Posted by alex

    view-lover: every room has awesome views- even from the showers 🙂

  15. Posted by sorbet

    I think I would come to hate the characterless narrow stairways, which would be a big part of your movement about the place. I tried to think of a treatment for them and failed.
    On the other hand, these places are great for becoming “athletic and toned.”

  16. Posted by Daniel

    Buyer beware! Just a block away going West are blocks and blocks of HUD public housing. Starting with Addison St., Diamond Hts. Blvd., Gold Mine Drive and many other streets.
    It’s been there for over 30 years and those areas are a haven for gangs, robberies, car theft and violent crime.
    Earlier this year, just a block away (near 100 Addison St., there was a drive-by gang shooting where 2 people go shot.
    Who could ever imagine Diamond Hts and Glen Park neighborhoods having this kind of housing? Go see for yourself.

  17. Posted by RS

    Seems pricey. So we saw it in December, one part of me is surprised that its still on the market, another part of me is totally not surprised. Still nice, but probably overpriced by at least 500k if not close to 1mil over what someone in that area would pay.

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