3973 19th Street

If you were wondering what was being built up at 3973 19th Street (between Noe and Sanchez), here’s your partial answer: It’s a two family residence, at least half of which (three bedrooms/two baths should be on the market at the end of the month (floor plans (pdf) available online and price TBD); design by Andy Rogers Design Studio.

UPDATE: And if you’re not interested in the listing, but you are interested in how the exterior is finished, you might want to peruse the readers’ comments.

6 thoughts on “Coming Soon: At Least Half Of The Two Family At 3973 19th Street”
  1. Does anyone know is that concrete on the exterior, and if it indeed is, how do the costs breakdown compared to other construction materials? Does the use of concrete require ground up construction or is this an exterior feature on an existing frame? Who are contractors doing this type of work in SF?
    I like it simple, elegant and no painting.

  2. Judging just from the photo, that material is most likely cementitious plaster (Stucco) before it has been painted. Stucco can be left unpainted, though typically is faux painted for that concrete “look”.
    True exposed concrete is cast between two plywood walls (formwork)that are removed after curing (+/- 28days). Because of the formwork, the time, the embodied energy involved in rendering cement, and market-driven demand for the material, site-cast concrete is ungodly expensive. At a residential scale it is typically only appropriate and cost effective for foundations. It is a tricky material to work with, which adds to cost; while there are good concrete contractors in the bay area they are usually attached to very large contractors and thus, not available to the residential homebuilder.

  3. I’m pretty sure that many of the exterior walls including floors and ceilings were made from concrete. This partly due to the nature of this site, which required major excavations.
    Obviously the finished surface is stucco.

  4. It’s stucco for sure…looks like the final color is not done yet.it may be curing before the final painting or faux finishing.
    yea, the side and rear exterior walls are major reinforced concrete, since much of the very steep site was excavated for construction

  5. The exterior coat seems to be lahabra…a smoother version of stucco. While it looks better than conventional stucco, it is more prone to leaks. This is likely color coated so it will not be painted. The cost of hard construction for this type of job I would think is north of $400 per living sq. ft.

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