1234 Howard
A few plugged-in tipsters note that “just three 2-bedroom homes” (out of the original six) remain available at 1234 Howard. And while relatively small (but big enough to fund the purchase of a Le Corbusier or two), the price on the studio (#2E) has been reduced $10,000 (2.3%). No word on any other reductions (or sales).
∙ Listing: 1234 Howard #2E (0/1) – $419,000 [MLS]
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Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by blahhh

    A few more images can be found here:

  2. Posted by daniel

    hmm nice pix

  3. Posted by Mike

    Sleek lines and open space are cool concepts until real-world clutter, ugly window coverings, bbqs etc start showing up (and are on display for all residents/passers by to see). Does anybody know if there are HOA rules/regs around how people decorate, etc?

  4. Posted by EH

    All of the links in every story about this building are self-links back into SocketSite.
    [Editor’s Note: That’s not exactly true, but we do try to provide a trail of previous posts for context (and in an attempt to preserve the thread of past readers’ comments and insights).]

  5. Posted by bgelldawg

    They still don’t have any photos of the interior of any of the units in their marketing. I just don’t understand that. If you buy one of these units, you aren’t going to live across the street and admire the exterior.
    The studio doesn’t even have a closet and is completely exposed to the street and the unit next door.

  6. Posted by Cece Blase

    I finally made it by here today and even got a demonstration of the blinds 🙂 They were fun to see and definitely worth a look, even if you’re not in the market– San Francisco’s never had any new home development quite like it.
    I LOVE these units for their cool factor, but kept thinking how I would have to be extra (extra!) tidy to keep the rooms looking as good as they do. A single dust bunny or unmade bed could ruin the effect.
    I have a client who is a Saitowitz aficionado, and he would die for these (too bad he lives in NYC. . .)

  7. Posted by SF Duke

    Drove by a few days ago and noticed that the two studio units on the 2nd floor now have frosted laminate on the window that is part of the walk-in shower. Might explain the $10K price reduction.
    If you may recall, the shower was previously visable from the street since clear glass windows were installed during construction.

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