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Don’t fret (too much) if you’re going to miss 55 Sheridan on tomorrow’s sold out San Francisco Living: Home Tour, for come Monday morning the general public will once again have access to the 55 Sheridan’s online gallery and overview.

But if you do make it inside this weekend, don’t miss the Japanese inspired guest suite (with work by master Japanese carpenter Jimmy Maekawa).

55 Sheridan: Shoji Screen

The ground floor working artists studio with 22 foot ceilings (and true color lighting).

55 Sheridan: Lighting

And of course the urban cityscape views (from both inside and out).

55 Sheridan: Roof Deck with the Architect

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4 thoughts on “The SocketSite Scoop: A Peek At 55 Sheridan From The Inside”
  1. Back from the tour and loved how the windows from the trademark Lundberg staircase framed the downtown views. Didn’t get the idea behind the trough sink in the kitchen.

  2. Fill it with ice and champagne – while technically also wine, it goes better with celebrations.
    Congratulations to the owners for an amazing accomplishment, and an additional thanks to a highly informative and welcoming website that documented the process for neighbors (me) and interested onlookers (also me).

  3. I did an inspection earlier today for this property, it is GORGEOUS and remarkable on the inside and out. A great addition to the neighborhood!

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