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A reader walks by 55 Sheridan, snaps a picture and notes, “looking way cool.” Any other readers have the inside scoop on what’s being built (and potentially sold)?

UPDATE (8/17): As a few plugged-in readers quickly surmised (as we should have as well), this is in fact 55 Sheridan (not 25 as originally identified), it is a single family home (with studio) that’s rising, and it’s not hitting the market anytime soon (sorry).

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by badlydrawnbear

    The word around the Lonestar patio (which 25 sheridan has a lovely view of *hope they like drunk bears and loud bar music*) is that the entire building is one single unit and owner occupied.

  2. Posted by amused

    This is a SFH being built by the owner.
    Last summer/fall, there was a website with the plans online. Can’t find it now, but the plans are exceptionally nice.

  3. Posted by tyler82

    It’s a beige box. Ho Hum.

  4. Posted by amused

    Those of us who have seen the plans know that it’s anything but a beige box.
    … but god forbid someone miss their chance to make a meaningless negative comment.

  5. Posted by badlydrawnbear

    I believe I heard the place has a large art studio as well as living space. Kind of like the Aleksandr Petrovsky character on the final season of Sex and the City (“he owns the whole floor!”)
    Regardless, the whole thing is one SFH which is pretty amazing considering SF prices and all.

  6. Posted by TheRealScoop

    I agree with amused. If nothing else, tyler82, it is unlike any other building in soma. Sorry you don’t like the color. But did you notice that even the window patterns are different on each floor? Take a closer look – it is technically a box, yes, but uniquely so. I think the fire escape is creative.

  7. Posted by daniel

    isnt it 55 sheridan,

  8. Posted by amused

    Thanks for the link, Daniel.
    It’s a fascinating site, documenting all stages of design and construction. And it’s shaping up to be a beautiful building.
    Some may not like the area, but I’m a block and a half away and excited that design of this quality is helping to create a new neighborhood.

  9. Posted by user101

    Neighborhood looks real sketch – it’s right next to Dope St.
    Not a typo… on my part, anyway.

  10. Posted by Phil

    I can’t believe anyone would spend money to buy something in THAT neighborhood. Looking down on the Lone Star??? Disgusting place to live. Absolutely disgusting area to live.
    There are some (not many, but some) really great condos South of Market but, in my personal opinion, the neighborhood is such a dump that I would never consider living there.

  11. Posted by daniel

    the neighborhood is mostly quiet as far as crime and bums, now the club activity i cannot comment on
    i like that it is close to the mission and civic center and downtown, lots of public transit lines

  12. Posted by soma resident

    sorry…I don’t have anything to respond to the original post about more info. However, as someone who has lived in SoMa for the last five years, I’d like to say I think this type of thing is absolutely great for the neighborhood. I am glad that people are investing bit by bit in parts of the city like like this that remain transitional, but are improving. Sure the folks building this might have not ever live in a totally pristine neighborhood in this location, but I hope that little by little this type of development will help SoMa become more residential-feeling and neighborhood like. Looking at the pics/plans from the unit in the URL provided (thanks daniel), the folks who live here will love it, surely, and i wish them well. Thanks, socketsite, for sharing this with us, too.

  13. Posted by ex SF-er

    Looks pretty darn cool to me.
    I agree with others, it can only be good for SoMa to have such a building.
    Even though it’s not my personal style, it’s a very cool building. I LOVE the windows!

  14. Posted by citicritter

    Been inside this building,and I agree “its anything but a beige box”. Its steel-framed vertically soaring space inside os pretty amazing. It uses a prefab metal sandwich panel system over a heavy steel frame structure. And that picture above is of the backside, not the facade on Sheridan…

  15. Posted by anon

    i hate to use the term–uber-modern but this house is. 4000sqft of living space with “spiral” cantilevered steel stairs off a singular hollow (steel, i think) column running up the center of the building. fantastic SIP walls–very green. built to the owners specs–not to sell but to live in.

  16. Posted by mow

    From what I’ve heard around the neighborhood, it’s being built for a couple (two artists). I also hear they’re aware of the bar behind and are friendly with the owners regarding noise issues.

  17. Posted by Binkomonster

    [Phil]… gee, got troll?
    Your comments seem on the extreme side of the spectrum, especially since it appears you have NO experience living in SOMA. We live right across the street from 55 (in a 4 unit new construction) and contrary to your judgement, its actually a nice place to live. 2 blocks from trader joes, 2 blocks from costco, easy access to the city and to 101.
    We moved in in 2003, and have been seeing more and more developments pop up. Refreshing to actually have this couple building such an interesting abode on our block (even if the construction noise/etc has become a bit tiresome).
    [Removed by Editor]

  18. Posted by Eric

    what is the asking price and the specs of the place.
    [Editor’s Note: Unfortunately (for us), it’s not for sale.]

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