As a tipster notes, “The San Francisco Idea Home open house has been delayed.” No word on the anticipated opening (“Please check back often for updates“). And of course we have to ask, any plugged-in tipsters have the inside scoop?
Sunset’s 2007 San Francisco Idea House: 3027 25th Street [SocketSite]
JustQuotes: Sunset’s 2007 San Francisco Idea House [SocketSite]

3 thoughts on “Sunset’s 2007 San Francisco Idea House: Opening Delayed”
  1. I heard from the Latino workers (I just stopped and asked one day) the main reason it is delayed is due to poor construction (re-building of a lot of stuff because the general contractor changes her mind all the time- just look at the color change on the bottom from purple now to green), errors in purchasing and ordering (they say some doors had to be returned 3 times, bad leadership by the general contractor who is hardly ever on the job site. The workers are really un-happy because she is always having liens against the building which causes their paychecks to be delayed. She even told them one time she couldn’t continue to pay them or finish the house. Work seems to have slowed down.

  2. RE; “Miguel Ruiz”
    Par for the course,
    (for developers)
    “She” is obviously not really a general contractor.
    just entitled, and confused,
    as all real estate people prove to be.

  3. she is a general contractor who helped with my house and made it beautiful and if you met her you would see she is the opposite of entitled and confused

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