1750 Taylor #1701: Master Bedroom
1750 Taylor #1701: Living

Originally the developer’s unit, #1701 in The Royal Towers (1750 Taylor) boasts panoramic bridge to bridge (and everything in between) views, as well as the only gas range in the building (yes, it’s good to be the developer). And the 3,300 square foot three bedroom, four and one-half bath coop is now on the market for $7,000,000 (and $3,354 a month).

At the same time, and according to a seriously plugged-in tipster, another amazing unit in The Royal Towers is quietly being shopped around as well. As we wrote a little over a year ago:

Today, #1301 might have sold [listed at $6,000,000], but #1201 is still available and its price has been reduced three times for a total savings of $1,600,000 (“Great price!! Motivated seller” and now listed at $3,950,000). The way we figure it, you can buy #1201, spend a million dollars on a stunning remodel, fill the three parking spaces with a brand-new Bentley, Aston Martin, and Range Rover, and still come out ahead…

And while we might have low-balled the hypothetical remodeling budget, it looks like we weren’t the only ones with the vision.

Finally purchased for below the reduced asking price, and having undergone an expensive (think $250,000 for the lighting, sound and window shades alone) and complete (walk-in wine cellar anyone?) overhaul, rumor has it that 1750 Taylor #1201 is unofficially back on the market for…$7,000,000. And from what we hear, it is in fact stunning.

7 thoughts on “The SocketSite Scoop On Two In The Royal Towers (1750 Taylor)”
  1. Beautiful views, but $3354.14/month in HOA fees? Does that include housekeeping and a car wash too? I couldn’t find any pix of the outside of the building, does anyone know of any reason for that?
    [Editor’s Note: No pictures of the exterior? Did you try following our footnotes?]

  2. What’s the point of dishing out this porn, day in and day out?
    I bet the potential buyers of 1750 Taylor (and its ilk) have not even heard of Socketsite and frankly, could not care less…
    [Editor’s Note: That’s a risk we’re willing to take. (Any you might be surprised).]

  3. Pica1986: Have a look at Royal Towers from the small park on Taylor at Vallejo. It offers a great close-up view of this tragically ugly building (and its off-the-mark entry/lobby decor). But, I think I could forgive all of that knowing there are spectaculr units inside with astounding views–and in such a great location. (But, you’re so right, it looks like a hi-rise factory.)

  4. I am in no position to judge. I live in the ugliest building in SF (the dreaded Fox Plaza) and have a spectacular view…but at a reasonable price (1st city I’ve ever lived in where I was subject to rent control and I love it). But then again I’m only paying rent; I don’t ‘own’ the exterior of my monstrosity.

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