1750 Taylor St #1301

It’s not often that we wholeheartedly agree with an agent’s description of a listing. In the case of 1750 Taylor #1301, we just might…

“With over 3,200 square feet of living space, state-of-the-art amenities, walls of steel & glass, and three terraces, this magnificent home offers unequalled sophistication and simply the best views in all of San Francisco.”

We want to wake up in that bed. Of course with a price tag of $6M, and a monthly HOA of $2906, this definitely falls into the category of “if you have to ask…” (and unfortunately we do).  But for those who don’t, we suggest you also consider purchasing #1201 ($5.5M) and adding a staircase to create THE deluxe apartment in the sky (and four car parking back on the ground).

And if you have to ask, but still covet the building, consider #302 which has been reduced twice since hitting the market back in August and now gets you in the doors for a mere $1.195M.

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