Arterra Views: 11th floor looking North
And speaking of views (and Mission Bay), a plugged-in tipster forwards a link to “high-resolution images taken from the 11th floor living rooms of actual Arterra homes.” It’s some great perspective on the rapidly changing cityscape of the neighborhood. And of course, the skyline beyond.
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Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by A1

    It is important to remeber that virtually all homes located on the 5th street side of Aterra will have their views blocked by the upcoming Avalon building. Avalon will utilize a design very similar to what was proposed by Signature. This design places a tower, equal in height to Aterra’s tower at the corner of 5th and King. I considered one of these units, until I saw the Signature design.
    [Editor’s Note: The aforementioned Signature design.]

  2. Posted by sfdesignguy

    I don’t know if getting a view of one rincon is a good thing.
    [Editor’s Note: Guess it all depends upon one’s perspective…]

  3. Posted by Confused

    Is that a view of San Francisco or the stockyards in Kansas City?

  4. Posted by yuck

    Well the view of the skyline is pretty nice (especially at night), but then you look to the right and you see this huge, deranged, monstrous creature that we all know as OneRincon. Yuck!!

  5. Posted by SFhighrise

    Not everyone shares your sentiment that One Rincon is ugly. I personally like the look at it and from afar, it looks quite striking. Once the construction is done and you add the other buildings in the area, it’ll add some nice depth (and more importantly, not another dull, cement block of a building in downtown) to the skyline.

  6. Posted by AC

    Yeah, One R does look better from afar, and also from other angles. I think the curved west side is the least attractive side.
    Stockyards? 10 years ago it was super stock yard-y. But the area is really changing every time I see it, even from day to day.

  7. Posted by anonlol

    I used to get mad about One Rincon, but for some reason it makes me laugh now. It is almost like someone (as was posted by RG earlier) has played a cruel joke on San Francisco. Everytime I drive by it I just laugh out loud, it is so completely out of context, out of scale, and poorly designed, it becomes almost worth some empathy. I love the excuses people make, “It is better from the other side”, or, “it won’t be so bad after other towers have been built around it so the view of the building will be blocked”, or , “it will be better after the second tower is built”. (Because two is better than one?)
    It won the SFCurbed constest as the ugliest city in San Francisco by a landslide, and I can see why.
    Editor’s Note: We were trying to be a bit diplomatic about it earlier, and we’re not blaming any one person in particular, but if you really want to debate the look of One Rincon Hill please consider heading on over here. Or at the very least, try not to give us a hard time if your comment falls prey to that cursed editor…]

  8. Posted by anon

    Yes, we all know it’s not the best view. Thanks for stating the obvious. End of that discussion.
    We should see the prices of units with this view, and see how they compare to prices of other units in the area with various views. You get what you pay for.

  9. Posted by Timosha

    This view will disappear once the railyards are covered a la SPUR and towers sprout atop them.

  10. Posted by zig

    “This view will disappear once the railyards are covered a la SPUR and towers sprout atop them.”
    Yeh I might have great grandchildren before that happens

  11. Posted by missionbay res

    “It won the SFCurbed constest as the ugliest city in San Francisco by a landslide, and I can see why.”
    Really?? Certainly not surprising, but do you have a link to it on the SF Curbed website?
    I looked under OneRincon and couldn’t find it…

  12. Posted by anonlol

    I am going to post the link on curbed’s ugly building contest in the Fontana-One Rincon thread so as to be respectful to our editor.
    [Editor’s Note: Damn, it actually worked. And thank you.]

  13. Posted by Stanky

    Forget the view, anyone know that there’s a sewer pump station down the street? how about the smell!!!!! Did you guys know during heavy rainstorms, the station sometimes overflows raw sewage into the creek behind all these condos! not to mention sewage leaking onto the concrete as we speak, all hidden behind some fences!! wonder if this station is disclosed during the sale?

  14. Posted by blahhh

    ORH and the Beacon to the right of the image certainly changed the look of the city, they weren’t kidding…It really doesn’t take much to mess it all up, does it?

  15. Posted by poo

    I happened to notice that this weekend Stank. I took a ride down to the end of Berry and I saw that there is a really nice looking tennis court being built down there but as I rode along around the corner I was greeted by this really putrid smell.
    I had no idea, is this why the creek stinks so bad? I would advise anyone considering buying in the area to take a ride down there to check it out.

  16. Posted by SFhighrise

    Does anyone know if this pump station will be overhauled over the next few years as more and more developments spring up in the area? I just can’t envision thousands of high-end apartments and condos coming up in the area and the residents tolerating this type of overflows. This sounds more like something I remembered with the sewage overflows in the Tijuana river during rainstorms, when I lived down in San Diego. I wouldn’t expect this to be tolerated here in the city, especially in one of the top up and coming areas.

  17. Posted by anonoldtimer

    “I wouldn’t expect this to be tolerated here in the city, especially in one of the top up and coming areas.”
    Oh my, you are a newbie aren’t you? Give “the city” time, you will start to tolerate things that were unacceptable at any other place or time in your life.

  18. Posted by Stanky

    The station is there to stay. I walked around the street and you can actually hear the sewage coming into the station underneath this metal grating. The stench from it, gross. Well the station was there first, so no use complaining to the city. its not lke they built the thing after the apts were there already. Hey u get the smell, freeway noise, and the train tracks…3 in 1, what a bargain! I would consider if it was more in the ball park of low to mid $400’s.

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