240 Berry Rendering (Image Source: arquitectonica.com)
While we pulled 240 Berry from our Complete Inventory Index (Cii) pipeline long ago, a “plugged in” reader’s tip reminds us that we never shared the scoop. Originally owned by Signature Properties, the 240 Berry lot was sold to AvalonBay and is destined to become rentals rather than condos (Avalon at Mission Bay III).
No word on the fate of the Arquitectonica design (above) that Signature had commissioned for the lot.
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10 thoughts on “240 Berry: No Condos For You”
  1. While we certainly can use the extra rentals in the city, I would hope that Avalon decides to retain some of Arquitectonica’s cool design, rather than the bland look of their other buildings in the area.

  2. This would be the coolest building in the area. It reminds me of the new Trinity Plaza design though.

  3. While this decision means it won’t add to the condo supply in the near term, that can all be changed with an afternoon board meeting once it’s built. All new rentals in SF that I know are built to condo specs and receive a preliminary condo map, but then rented (it would be absolutely foolish of the developer to do it any other way and lock themselves into perpetually renting it). Remember the property on King Street across the street from Momo’s and the ballpark that was rented for 2 years after construction and then sold to another developer who turned it into condos and sold it? Kinda like that.

  4. “Is this right across Berry from 255 Berry / 235 Berry?”
    Is that a trick question? Yes, 240 Berry is the lot across from 235/255 Berry.

  5. At least we’re starting to see a critical mass in that area, hence more hangout spots. Anyone seen how packed the new bar “District” is on 3rd and Townsend?

  6. I live near there and feel like 4-5 additional places could open and they would all be packed. There are quite a few people living in the area, but there are so few places to eat and hang out etc. It seems like that sort of development is happening at a snail’ pace.

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