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A plugged in reader points out Citrino’s recently updated website (now featuring floor plans and photos). And, of course, we point out a few of the 32 prices (which aren’t on the site):
∙ 566 South Van Ness #3 (2/2) – $739,000
∙ 566 South Van Ness #10 (2/2) – $689,000
∙ 566 South Van Ness #12 (1/1) – $519,000
∙ 566 South Van Ness #17 (2/2) – $729,000
∙ 566 South Van Ness #18 (2/2) – $699,000
∙ 566 South Van Ness #21 (1/1) – $525,000
∙ 566 South Van Ness #22 (2/2) – $725,000
Unfortunately we don’t (yet) have an update on sales. (Tipsters?) And no, we can’t explain the seemingly sudden surge in Bertazzoni ranges throughout the city (not that we’re complaining).
New San Francisco Condo Developments: Citrino & The Lambourne [SocketSite]

14 thoughts on “Citrino (566 South Van Ness): Website Update And A Few Prices”
  1. saw the Citrino this past weekend – in general, the units are TINY. a LOT of wasted space in hallways and other dead areas. very poorly designed layout, in my opinion. for the actual livable sq footage, these places are way overpriced.

  2. I too saw them this past weekend and share the sentiment with the above poster that the layouts are fragmented, the kitchen and living areas are right on top of each other and the pictures on the website decieving in terms of spaciousness. I think greater detail could have been put into the bathrooms (too basic) as well as the layouts..and don’t get me started on the neighborhood…very scary. From the sell sheet I believe I saw that only 4 units have sold and the same 4 units have appeared on MLS for several weeks.

  3. According to the website, that’s not “wasted space in hallways.” That’s a “gallery entrance,” and a feature of “select homes” only. So there.

  4. ahhh yes – “gallery entrance” is the marketing spin on wasted space in hallways. and only those lucky enough to have one of these “select homes” get to enjoy it. amazing…

  5. I saw the units and really appreciated the modern clean design of the building. The top level units had great views and all the units had a nice airy feel to them. The rear first floor units have additional outdoor space which enhances their appeal. I was pleasantly suprised to find that after looking at the units we were only a short walk from tartine and delfina.

  6. well, I thought they were refreshing all the units have very good light,unlike those railroad flats that everyone seems to adore the fountain, courtyards trees,& roof deck were cool, and the way the traditional hallways have been turned into open air bridges and parking is included and the HOA’s are reasonable – the Inner Mission is certainly not a vanilla place to hang out either- it’s all part of living in the city

  7. I thought the flow in the kitchen is great; the food comes out of the fridge, get prepared and goes on the stove.
    Everybody hangs out in the kitchen away, so who needs it to be separate from the living area anyway?

  8. I thought the overall design of the building was great. The open areas allowing for light in all the units and the three common areas outdoors. I also like the fact that there are only 34 units, so there are no endless hallways to traverse to get to your unit. As far as the neighborhood, it seems to be on the rise, and the convenience to downtown is good.

  9. I used to live on South Van Ness right near here
    This part of the Mission is gang infested, full of illegal immigrants and South Van Ness is a traffic sewer. On the bright side the pimpin defiantly declined over the year I was there. I think about 6-7 people where shot within two blocks and 3 died during my time. I was never personally bothered by the gangs
    I would much much rather live in other parts of the lower Mission with more stable residents.
    My 2 cents

  10. I live a bit further south on S. Van Ness., and have for three years, but am very familiar with that neighborhood. I have several friends who live within two blocks on there. There are certainly homeless people in the areas, and certainly some drug dealing on Mission St., but S. Van Ness is pretty tame and the areas East of it are fine and everything West of Mission is fine. There is no doubt the color of the neighborhood is changing (towards white) and the violence is falling. Generally, whatever gang violence there is in principally towards other gangs. I have never felt in danger, and I walk at night a lot. (Of course, I am from New York, not the suburbs…) But still. I wouldn’t worry for my safety.

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