“Overall, this [Cathedral Hill] tower, though not unique, is far better multi-unit residential design than SF has been typically force-fed (i.e. the [name removed to semi-protect the semi-innocent] crap all over the place). I don’t think this is too tall for the area either — seems in scale with the cathedral, the hill and that part of Geary.
Not convinced that the best design here is necessarily an ‘object building’ (i.e. the curvilinear tower shaft being geometrically autonomous from the orthogonal urban fabric — it used to be that buildings arguably more important than housing stock deployed such morphological tactics, like St Mary’s itself). And I’m not convinced about the design of the base/podium though, it looks a bit anemic.
But overall, it raises the bar above the horribly banal residential developments we’ve come to expect in SF…” (a recent SocketSite reader’s comment and mouthful)
Ask (Nicely) And Ye Shall Receive: Cathedral Hill Tower Renderings [SocketSite]

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  1. Posted by Jeffrey W. Baker

    Heller Manus is semi-innocent? News to me. Those one-size-fits-all Crescent Heights buildings that are going up all over the place are semi-atrocious.

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