Citrino and Lambourne
Two new boutique developments (and 54 new condominiums) are about to hit the market in San Francisco. Citrino (17th and South Van Ness) is a collection of thirty-two (32) one and two bedroom Mission condos, priced “in the $500’s – $700’s” and featuring “luxury bathrooms, hardwood flooring and Scavollini [sic] kitchens with stainless steel appliances.” No official word on timing (yet).
While over in Nob Hill, and “Coming Summer 2007,” The Lambourne (725 Pine Street) is a collection of twenty-two (22) studios and one bedroom condominiums “priced from the mid $300’s to the $500’s.” The building aspires to be “an inventive vision of a modern European-style building for a new generation of sophisticated residents and global travelers alike.” We’re guessing that’s a fancy way of saying they’re going to be a bit petite, piccolo, or klein (yes, small).
Citrino (South Van Ness and 17th) []
The Lambourne (725 Pine Street) []

11 thoughts on “New San Francisco Condo Developments: Citrino & The Lambourne”
  1. Market-rate housing in the Mission? Heaven forfend! How did this one get past the activists?

  2. I’ve lived on South Van Ness
    A real [$@#!]hole and traffic sewer
    15th and South Van Ness might be the dumpest, most depressing and filthy block in the whole Mission

  3. zzzzzz the project is at 17th and S. Van Ness. I don’t disagree with you generally, S. Van Ness is a pretty depressing street, with autobody shops, equipment rental, gas stations, and a few oddly surviving substantial Victorian mini-mansions. But the coupla blocks from 15th to 17th do make SOME difference.
    Still….not my first choice even though the Mission is getting more and more vital. The side streets connecting Valencia and Mission seem to be getting more interesting retail/restaurants/cafes, and I think Mission itself has finally turned the corner and may finally become a decent shopping street for the whole diverse neighborhood within the next few years. But maybe I bought too much crack down at 16th and Mission…..

  4. “…I think Mission itself has finally turned the corner and may finally become a decent shopping street…”
    possibly. but not quite ‘ready’ yet…i’ve been living in this particular area for about 20+ years now (as a home owner) and can attest to the fact that mission street is ‘better’. seems the ‘bad’ parts of mission street are in fact shrinking back to its origin? (say right at 16th/mission intersection) compared to the last +/- 7 years or so. slowly, im seeing new younger families start to move-in the area with strollers and all. nice to see i must say after seeing strollers with dogs (and other animals) in them…will miss the quality crack though.

  5. Drove by that development on South Van Ness. Had my girlfriend in the car. It is the ultimate test. Honey.. they have nice kitchens…. uh…NO she said. The place is not safe. Had some questionable activity on the corner. Soma and that area. I could not have a girlfriend park her car or walk to her car, could not have my your niece walk outside. Tough sell for me.

  6. The location of the Citrino might not be as wonderful as some would hope, or hype, but if it were six blocks west the prices would be at least a third higher.
    You get what you pay for.

  7. The Lambourne was a hotel last year. Petit is correct. I remember they used to charge $30 a night for valet parking.

  8. My office is 2 blocks away from here (Box Factory at Folsom/18th), and I wouldn’t ever consider calling this area home. I hate staying after dark and won’t do so without my car parked right in front. That said, there is so much development of live and work space in the 19th street corridor between Potrero and South Van Ness, that I’m expecting (hoping?) the general area to change significantly…. one of these days.
    Speaking of sewers, the City spent a fortune and 1.5 years upgrading sewers around there… another plus is that ground floor units no longer risk being flooded (one hopes).

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