And speaking of big bucks per square foot, a reader writes:

This daily plugged in reader often sees SocketSite’s references to price per square foot when describing San Fran residential sales. Interesting and powerful information to be sure; but we are now searching for context. In particular, do you or any of my fellow plug-ins know (confirmed or just anecdotal) examples of some of the highest price per square foot San Fran single family (e.g., not condo) property sales and their PPSF numbers?

We don’t, might you?
Millennium Tower: Sales Timeline, More Details And Renderings [SocketSite]

One thought on “A Reader Searches For Context (And Some Eye Popping Prices)”
  1. Most expensive that I could find – that looked like a real home rather than a tiny tear-down – was 2741 Vallejo which is recorded as fetching $2,613/square ft in 2006. 2845 Broadway is currently asking $3,154/square ft but I doubt they’ll get it.

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