3040 Pacific: Entry Way
According to one tipster, there were seven (7) offers on 3040 Pacific and “almost all were north of $6 million.” And according to yet another reader, the final contract price is ~$7 million (okay, so $6.6M).
And while seven (or six) might have been the magic number for 3040 Pacific, it appears that 1703 Octavia is all about the number two. The property features a double parlor living room, 2 bathrooms on upper level, 2 decks, 2 car side by side parking and 2 Viking stoves. And after just about two months on the market, the price was reduced by a little over two hundred thousand dollars ($245,000) and is now listed at just under two million ($1,950,000). It’s definitely a sign (of a long week).
Gardens To Left Of Me, Gardens To The Right Of Me [SocketSite]
∙ Listing: 1703 Octavia (4/3.5) – $1,950,000 [MLS]

9 thoughts on “Real Estate Numerology: The Numbers Seven And Two”
  1. So $1750 per foot for the home on Pacific… and it only needs new everything! It’s still a great house though.

  2. The listing for 1703 Octavia is missing a little detail: it’s right next door to Quince, a high-end Pac Heights restaurant.
    Positive or negative, I’m not sure. I doubt there’s much of a noise problem, but you will get to watch the valet team parallel-park Ferraris and Maseratis at your doorstep most nights of the week. On the other hand, maybe the maitre d’ will put you on the short list for last minute cancellations?
    [Editor’s Note: Ummm…Quince.]

  3. Didn’t go in it, but did a drive by of this place (Pacific) and its fairly prestigious, but you share a ‘lot’ that is heavily subdiveded and there is some cool place in the back that was in need of total rehab. Now that is the place I found most interesting. Anyone have the scoop on that place?

  4. ^ I went in. It was small, about 4000 sf, but quite nice. It needed updated bathrooms and a new kitchen. Still, I imagine it’ll be gut job.
    But what place behind it are you talking about? Not the pepto mansion being redone? I don’t recall a nearby fixer…

  5. The place on Pacific had a driveway on its left. If you walked up that driveway and walked straight into the residence that was there; that is the property I’m talking about. It looked like it was being rehab’d with scaffolding out front. Looked very nice.

  6. The house with the drive to the left is definitely 3052. I just went by the decorator’s showcase again today and parked nearby. The house you mentioned is on Broadway and doesn’t seem to be having any work done. It’s also not visible from 3040.

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