1771 North Point
1771 North Point: Interior
1771 North Point: Entry
1771 North Point is a down to the studs total overhaul (remodel doesn’t do it justice) and the showcase home for the Pacific Coast Builders Conference. By the numbers: One elevator, two powder rooms, three floors, four full bathrooms, five car garage, six bedrooms, five thousand square feet (approximately), and five million dollars (asking).
And it’s not just another pretty facade. Proceeds from public tours ($20 from June 2nd to June 10th) and a Gala Auction on June 9th (“Everything in the house will be auctioned off!”) will benefit the Northern California Cancer Center. Oh, and it’s also “eco-friendly” and a “shining example of how to build responsibly and address the needs of today’s families.” (Although at 5,000 square feet…)
∙ Listing: 1771 North Point (6/6) – $4,995,000 [McGuire] [Photos] [MLS]
1771 North Point: Marina Green Showcase [1771northpoint.com]

8 thoughts on “The “Marina Green Showcase” Hits The Market (1771 North Point)”
  1. Love the curb appeal and they can count on my $20 for the benefit. Will they be charging agents for the brokers tour on Tuesday as well? Now that would be impressive!
    Charity and design aside, can a 5,000 square foot house really be “eco-friendly” or is that akin to a hybrid Hummer that gets an “eco-friendly” 15 mpg?

  2. Impressive remodel…a unique home for the Marina. Open, spacious and luxurious. Also a rare price point for the block…I think the market is ready for it though…we’ll soon find out.

  3. Nice concept, of course. However, the location is not so good. It’s right next door to several very large and noisy apartment complexes and there’s no view…of anything except your own walls, the apartment buildings next door, and the grass in the backyard. Not to mention it’s on landfill (check old maps of SF). Agreed the price is nice, at first glance. But the smart buyer will always remember…location, location, location!…which this place doesn’t have. And it dangerously ignores an important rule of thumb…never be the most expensive house on the block (or in your immediate neighborhood in this case). Caution to the prospective buyer!

  4. A few things to note:
    1. Checked it out in the early morning and the garbage truck parks right in front at 6:15 AM (beeping, lights, the works). The haulers go right next to the fence (and below the master bedroom) to the building next door and noisily haul bins out (it’s a 3 story apt building so there are quite a few bins). Probably worthwhile to see whether the schedule is M-W-F (I checked it out M) or everyday.
    2. The back yard is not private.
    3. The neighborhood is full of 25 year olds so weekend nights get loud.
    4. It is the most expensive house in the surrounding blocks.
    5. Why wouldn’t you want a view for that kind of money?

  5. Damn 25-year-olds. When I was that age, I was responsible, kept a neat house and didn’t scare the neighbors. Recently, I had an infestation near me and, get this, THEY ALL SKATEBOARDED into and out of the property at all hours. 25-year-olds? C’mon, grow up!

  6. there seems to be a whole lot of green washing going on.
    1. 4 bathroom equal 4 times the use of water…especially with spas, etc.
    2. where are the solar panels????
    3. a 6 car garage….what all full with Prius’s, Highlanders….??? that alone knocks you off the sustainable list.
    4. lights, lights, lights….and very few CFs…the easiest way to go green
    Come on people…you can’t live sustainably and have 5k square feet…unless you have a small power, hydro, wind plant in your yard or roof and produce your own water from rain. This is the typical…”live like a rich (5mil) american and do just one thing and call yourself green” [bull*$%#].
    Less is more people….we need to down size, use less (conserve more) and think simpler. Or, at least be honest and say we don’t give a [s&*#] about anyone or anything besides ourselves.

  7. The tax records indicate that this actually sold close to asking at $4.896M. Been wondering about this place forever.

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