3040 Pacific
3040 Pacific: Kitchen
Designed by Frederick Ashley and located “at the pinnacle of Pacific Heights,” 3040 Pacific is described as “comfortable City living with the ambience of a country estate.” And considering the landscaped entry garden, the secluded south garden, the high walled west garden, and the courtyard garden (designed by Topher Delaney), who are we to argue.
The single parking space might be a concern (then again you can hire a driver), and we’re still trying to figure out why there’s any mention of Corian in the kitchen (but that’s easily changed). Regardless, you have nine more days to decide (“Offers to be delivered to TRI Coldwell Banker by 11:00 a.m. on Friday, May 18th”).
And in terms of that housewarming, perhaps a garden(s) party?
UPDATE (5/25): It’s in contract and according to one plugged-in tipster there were “7 offers – almost all were north of $6 million.” And according to another reader, the final contract price is ~$7 Million.
∙ Listing: 3040 Pacific (5/4) – $4,995,000 [SF Properties]

4 thoughts on “Gardens To Left Of Me, Gardens To The Right Of Me”
  1. I went to one of the open houses. It’s a really great property. It’s kind of small and needs a bit of updating (new bathrooms, new kitchen), but it’s such a cute home and in such a prestigious location that it should sell well above asking. (6+?)

  2. 3788 Sq ft, so $6M would put it just under $1600 psf. Decent views and a great block, so it might hit $6Mil, but I could see it in the 5s as well.

  3. This is back… at 6.6.. so a bit under its 2007 sale? Also, I know people make fun of staging, but for jeebus sake, stage this pronto!! It looks even more dated than it did 5 years ago.

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