Three Sixty Residences: Rendering
First and foremost, this new development isn’t in San Francisco, it’s in San Jose. And while we historically haven’t ventured that far south, we’re about to start logging some miles (more on this next week).
That being said, Three Sixty Residences in downtown San Jose opened its One Rincon-esque sales office featuring “a full-size model of a two-bedroom-plus-den, two-and-a-half-bathroom home” and touch screens (although no word on a signature cocktail) three weeks ago. By the numbers: 1/2/3 bedroom condos; 23 Stories; 213 units (ranging in size from 795 to 3440 square feet, and ranging in price from “the low $500,000’s to over $2 million”); 2009 (spring) delivery; and 11,000 square feet of retail. Oh, and around 120 (60%) reserved (albeit $5,000 refundable deposits) to date.
A couple of other numbers: 6/14/07. As in save the date if you’re either in (or interested in) the San Jose market.
Three Sixty Residences: Map
Three Sixty Residences (San Jose) []

6 thoughts on “A Hint Of Things To Come: Three Sixty Residences (And San Jose)”
  1. You didn’t mention the $5,000,000 plus penthouses, I think only 2 though, in SAN JOSE. Hurry on down!

  2. This seems kind of off. SoFa is cute, but not really million dollar condo nifty. There has been an ongoing problem with retail spaces in the area being difficult to keep rented. Maybe the extremely well paid and connected municipal employees working in their glass showplace will want to live here?
    At least the style fits (nice and modern, yet bland and shallow), and it seems like it must eventually fill up even if it isn’t a hit right when it opens.

  3. SoFA is South of First Arts (or Area depending on who you ask). The SoFA district is San Jose’s jumping arts district with the newly remodeled ICA, Works, MACLA, San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles, Anno Dommni and some great live music joints and restaurants like the Agenda and Eulipia.

  4. Yet another over-priced, totally useless high-rise condo building. When is San Jose going to wake up and realize that real affordable housing that can be resold is what their city needs? It doesn’t need another flashy useless building. What a waste of space. And to think a public parking lot was sacrified for this mess. Shame on you San Jose!

  5. You’re a total idiot , Danyl. First off , what a name you have there. Secondly , this sure is a rise for San Jose. Who are you to say ” Shame on you San Jose ” if you don’t live in the area. I know for a damn fact you DO NOT live in the area. If the City of San Jose wants to build a condominium-building , let them. You see lots and lots of those in the Southern California area , so why not the Northern California area? It sure will be a huge investment. After all , San Jose is above populated with the census growing and catching the San Diego population. And lastly , San Jose is a rich city. If they want to make 12 more of these buildings they sure will and they wouldn’t need no approval from a helpless-idiot like you. Have a great day!

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