1080 Chestnut #12A: Coming Soon

While the studio at Opera Plaza might be listed for a couple thousand less than was paid last year, 1080 Chestnut #12A is about to be listed at $2,175,000 – a couple (as in five) hundred thousand more than it sold for in August 2005 ($1,650,000).

UPDATE (9/7): Closed escrow on 8/27/07 for $2,050,000 (6.6% under asking, but 24.2% over was it was purchased for two years ago).

Shouldn’t A Rising Tide Raise All Boats? [SocketSite]

5 thoughts on “A Data Point At The Other End Of The Market (And 1080 Chestnut)”
  1. Off topic but very cool. Google maps now has street view for SF. You can literally see the properties on most streets in SF as if you were walking down the street.
    Really allows a buyer to see what’s around the house they’re looking at.

  2. The google feature is terrifying. I have multiple properties here in SF, and you can literally zoom in through the windows. Obviously, it isn’t a live feed, but it seems bizarrely invasive.

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