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According to a “plugged-in” tipster, 22 of the 69 conversion condominiums at 733 Front Street are in contract (32%) with five (5) two-bedrooms (out of 23) and 42 junior/one-bedrooms (out of 46) not yet in contract. And while the east facing units with water views might be gone (and were actually “sold” prior to the sales office opening), a number of units still offer big city, northern Bay (#707), and Bridge views (#704).

Representative pricing:

∙ 733 Front #202 (2/2) 1,207 sqft – $1,025,000 ($849/sqft)
∙ 733 Front #210 (1/1) 761 sqft – $625,000 ($821/sqft)
∙ 733 Front #213 (1/1) 832 sqft – $550,000 ($661/sqft)
∙ 733 Front #303 (1/1) 949 sqft – $760,000 ($801/sqft)
∙ 733 Front #305 (2/2) 1,278 sqft – $1,375,000 ($1,076/sqft)
∙ 733 Front #306 (0/1) 632 sqft – $615,000 ($973/sqft)
∙ 733 Front #308 (2/2) 1,291 sqft – $1,090,000 ($844/sqft)
∙ 733 Front #311 (1/1) 885 sqft – $735,000 ($831/sqft)
∙ 733 Front #404 (1/1) 833 sqft – $795,000 ($954/sqft)
∙ 733 Front #412 (1/1) 1,189 sqft – $950,000 ($799/sqft)
∙ 733 Front #503 (1.5/1.5) 1,113 sqft – $1,150,000 ($1,033/sqft)
∙ 733 Front #605 (2/2) 1,543 sqft – $1,950,000 ($1,264/sqft)
∙ 733 Front #707 (2.5/2) 1,378 sqft – $1,775,000 ($1,288/sqft)

A couple of other notes: move in could be as early as July; expect the lobby to only be “attended” from 9-5; balconies on the top two floors are much wider than just a few feet; and in terms of city living, we’re big fans of the neighborhood. Oh, and they’re serving “wine on Thursday, May 31st in Residence 605 from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm.”

15 thoughts on “733 Front Sales Update: 32% In Contract (Almost All Two-Bedrooms)”
  1. The neighborhood is safe and established with a number of restaurants, a few cafes, a grocery store and even a local park. Unfortunately, many of the units have large columns in the rooms which will make furnishing these units a bit challenging.

  2. When you mean available – do you mean reserved and waiting for the contract date?
    I know that some of these units are reserved already.
    [Editor’s Note: Keep in mind that the units listed above are representative of pricing and not necessarily availability. That being said, “not yet in contract” is probably a safer descriptor than simply available. And as always, thanks for “plugging in.”]

  3. Hi MG,
    The 733 Front Street monthly HOA Fees range from $513.57 to $673.45 (based on sq ft).
    Also, regarding parking for those that do not have a deeded parking space (there are 40 parking spaces in 733 Front St), there is a enclosed commercial garage, directly across the street from the entrance to 733 Front Street. Presently there is a waiting list, but for those Buyers that want parking, that garage could not be more convenient.
    According to http://www.theBarbaryCoastNews.com the neighborhood is a microcosm of San Francisco.
    Within 2 blocks 0f 733 Front Street there are 12 restaurants including The Globe, Kokkari, Piperade, Frisson, Grumpy’s Pub, Hunan and several cafes/coffee shops.
    Within the Barbary Coast Neighborhood (BCNA) there are 21 more restaurants including, The Waterfront, Pier 23, Fog City Diner, Il Fornaio, Huston’s and Butterfly. Plus all the restaurants at The Ferry Building and Embarcadero Center.
    The business, entertainment, health club community of the BCNA includes Levi Straus (World Headquarters); Esurance; Hornblower Cruises; Foote, Cone & Belding; KPIX-CBS; KGO-ABC; Ketchum Advertising; Landor Associates; McCann World Group; TBWA/Chiat/Day; EDAW, Inc.; Lawrence Halprin; Kaplan, McLaughlin, Diaz; 64 Legal firms; 12 consulting companies; 4 live theatre companies; 27 financial services & venture capital firms; 9 furniture & interior design companies; Safeway & RJ’s market; Golden Gateway Swim & Tennis Club (9 outdoor tennis courts, 2 outdoor swimming pools); The San Francisco Bay Club (indoor basketball, squash, handball, racquetball, 2 swimming pools & extensive fitness center); 7 hair salons; 58 Media /broadcasting companies and 13 technology companies.
    Also, the largest rental complex, across the street is the Golden Gateway Center with 1,280 1, 2 & 3 bedroom apartments, most with dramatic city and bay views.
    Sydney Walton Park, a private park has numerous original art pieces (Jim Dine, Buffano, etc.)which is directly across the street from 733 Front Street.
    For more details and current actives on the 733 Front Street neighborhood visit: http://www.theBarbaryCoastNews.com
    This does not include the Jackson Square area antique, furniture, restaurants
    The neighborhood may appear quiet, but it’s not asleep.

  4. “the neighborhood is a microcosm of San Francisco”
    Oh my, Dostoevsky is back. Please throw in the “soaring ceilings, gleaming floors, stunning views” and the pitch is perfect.

  5. Oh Anon at 3:27, ever heard of the term ‘snarky’? I happen to like an adjective or two. what’s your beef with em?

  6. anon at 3:58PM
    No beef. Just very entertaining. Almost as entertaining as Zephyr’s latest ads (seen on Muni): buy, sell, repeat, retire!

  7. It would be wonderful to keep the information on this site useful to others and not quipping about the way people describe things….
    Save that for Craiglist. Socketsite is a wonderful addition to the real estate industry for all parties.

  8. It would also be wonderful to keep information on this site limited to facts and not simply provide another outlet for the real estate industry to push their merchandise. Maybe some “sarcastic” comments can help bring some sense of reality back.

  9. I did some web surfing on the Fredrick dude and yeah he’s a real estate professional but he’s also seems pretty active in the neighborhood association. So he’s jazzed about the neighborhood, and stating FACTS about the location which all contribute to the desireability or non-desireability of 733 Front. I think that’s fair enough.
    The reality is that sans the type of marketing that we’re seeing at the Infinity, One Rincoln, 170 off of Third, 188 King, etc. 733 Front has done quite well in getting contracts. 733 doesn’t even have a website up. The dude isn’t soliciting anybody to call him for a tour or to represent them either so cut the guy some slack. I find his information useful in the context of evaulating 733.
    The market has definitely cooled but it’s still pretty healthy. The above mentioned properties seem to be doing alright while it seems like some of the Berry street properties are moving slower. 733 is unique due to the location and my sense is that they will move faster than it’s peers. At any rate, it seems like it is up to a good start!

  10. why do all these people who in no way would buy these places have to take pot shots at the building names and other details. If I don’t like a subject I don’t go to blogs and write crap. Get a life and if you are not looking to buy a place you should just get back to watching tv. Get on with your life.

  11. Hello, 733 Front St & Socketsite readers.
    In addition to the early success of sales at 733 Front Street (32% in contract, with the homes with the best views, outdoor space and the highest prices being the most popular), Sotheby’s International Realty, has just completed the sales of all the units at 329 Bay Street in North Beach. The new project sold out in 3 days from coming on the market, the condominiums ranged in price from $700K to $1.2M.
    [Editor’s Note: The Bay sold extremely well indeed (see “Big Demand For The Bay (329 Bay),” but we’re not so sure about sold out in three days (and can’t help but notice that as of this morning 329 Bay Street #206 is still listed as active and available on the MLS). Now back to 733 Front. And as always, thanks for “plugging in.”]

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