603 Natoma #307
The neighborhood hasn’t developed (yet), and we can’t vouch for the building, but if you buy into in the long-term mid-market redevelopment plan as well as the nearer-term impact of the new Federal Building and the Soma Grand, perhaps our tipster’s words will ring true: “seems like an insane deal” (two bedrooms, two baths, parking, and a wood burning fireplace all for under $600 per square foot).
∙ Listing: 603 Natoma Street #307 (2/2) – $599,000 [MLS]
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3 thoughts on “It’s All About Upside (And Whether Or Not You Believe)”
  1. I do believe this area is going to be radically different in 3-5 years, but can anyone who actually lives in the area shed some light on what it’s like living there right now?
    I know it’s rough, but is it simply a dirty/sketchy kind of rough or more of a “I’m constantly in fear of being assaulted” kind of rough?

  2. I live in the area–Minna between Russ and 7th. Been there three years now and, before that, lived in an apartment on Tehama (about a block south) between 5th and 6th for nine years. It’s a dirty/sketchy kind of rough; I have never been nor feared being assaulted–it’s just not that kind of a place. While there is a fair share of mostly drug-related crimes, it’s (sadly) the poor victimizing the poor for the most part. I feel safe enough to raise my two kids (2 and 8) there. While they do see things I would rather wish they didn’t from time to time, the neighborhood is trending up, and that trend is accelerating.

  3. i live really close, it’s dirty sketchy but a LOT better than market 2 streets away and 6th street, one street away, but even those are not super bad, i just wouldnt like my parents to visit
    it’s mostly quiet, the eyesore is mostly bums sleepin and smell factor, there’s little drugs but i do see lots of car windows smashed

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