2090 Valljeo Street: Dining Room (Image Source:
Say what you will about the ornate interior of 2090 Vallejo, we still have a serious crush on the house. And as we mentioned in February, “ should be delivering some guilt-free voyeuristic pleasure in the not too distant future.” And that it is. Complete with additional photos, floor plans and history.
Oh, and after less than two months on the market it appears that the price has been quickly and quietly reduced $1,550,000 (8.7%).
∙ Listing: 2090 Vallejo (6/7) – $17,800,000 $16,250,000 []
Versailles On Vallejo (At Least Inside) [SocketSite]

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  1. Posted by Marie Antoinette

    Yes, let them eat cake!

  2. Posted by JB

    Perhaps guilt-free, but not gilt-free.
    [Editor’s Note: We need you on the writing staff.]

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