Radiance At Mission Bay: Mid-rise Sketch

According to a tipster, Radiance at Mission Bay will begin taking reservations for registered “Radiance Enthusiasts” on March 10th. All 99 units in the mid-rise buildings will be released at the same time.

A reservation of $10,000 will hold your unit until [Radiance goes] to contract in mid April. A total deposit of 5% of the purchase price will be required at contract execution.

Still no mention of the two towers.

25 thoughts on “Radiance At Mission Bay: Reservations Starting March 10”
  1. I thought California law lmited puchase deposits to three percent of the purchase price? What is this 5% on “contract execution?”

  2. I believe that law was changed and now it seems most developers are moving to the 5% level. Contract execution is when you sign all the docs (you’re “in contract”), in this case, mid-April.

  3. I walked by the construction site over the weekend, and I have to say there not much there. The place will need a couple years at least to become any kind of neighborhood.
    There’s 2 old piers on both sides of the development so the waterviews are not panoramic. One huge one on the left is large enough to hold medium size cargo ships (if that’s what it’s for). On the right is a smaller pier for launching boats. Needless to say, both are eyesores and should be torn down or renovated.
    And along the whole waterfront south of ATT park, there’s old decrepit buildings and rundown docks and piers.
    There is the UCSF campus nearby and the bio-science development should help, but the whole waterfront area is in massive need of development and fixing up…
    If Radiance expects folks to buy into the neighborhood they should price aggressivey in the beginning to create a buzz. Initiate pricing has the non-water views in the mid $700/sqft and waterviews prob $900+/sqft. Too expensive for my blood in that neighborhood…

  4. I totally agree with the above comments. Mission Bay won’t be fully developed for another 20 or so years. There are basically no convenience stores, restaurants, etc in the vicinity. I think the area is a pontentially fantastic long-term investment, with emphasis on LONG. Hopefully some amentities will spring up soon, now that Old Navy has moved in.

  5. “If I’m paying $700-$900 sq.ft., I’m not shopping at Old Navy. Where’s Armani?”
    Actually, they meant the Old Navy headquarters moved next store to Radiance. There’s no new stores or shops in the area yet…
    Since we’re on the Old Navy subject, I’ve heard the employees there hate the location. Other than the fact they’re the only business in the area, there’s no cafes or restaurants or amenities within walking distance.
    Old Navy is currently serving them lunch I think to appease them..

  6. Yippee!!! More Mission Bay condos. Demand is so high there, with Park Terrace and other Berry Street props kicking butt.
    Build it and they will come. 🙂

  7. Price it right and they will come. There is still high demand for condominiums all over the city. Buyers are value conscious these days; as they should always be.

  8. Have you noticed how the drawings always show that filthy little waterway over at Mission Bay as luxurious looking waterfront property? What a joke.

  9. Instead of trying to make the buildings look like San Diego or Miami, how about taking a design clue from Seattle and Vancouver. Those cities have waterfront developements that have a more rough port/industrial aesthetic that fits more into the context of a street such as the one “Radiance” is on. This whole Mission Bay / Berry Street area totally missed what would have worked which is less San Diego/Orange County looking buildings, and more urban industrial/portside aesthetic design and living.
    I suppose compared to some of the projects that have been attacked here lately, Radiance is not disturbing at least.

  10. ‘Even though they ask for 5%, when it comes to backing out of the contract they can only keep 3%.”
    No, this is not true. They can keep 3% or the amount of damages they suffered; whatever is greater. So if you put down 5% and they lose 5% because you back out, they can keep it all.

  11. Radiance is SO far away from everything else that it makes Berry Street look like Main Street! How can they expect to get $900 psf all the way out there with NO retail amenities when the Beacon’s and 178 Off Third’s bay view inventory is selling for $700 – $750 psf?
    Say what you want about those projects, but at least you can walk to Safeway and Borders…
    I think these guys are dreaming…Start banging the rental drum over at Radiance!

  12. Now if these units came with boat slips THAT would be interesting. Too bad there was not a little more imagination with the general master plan for this part of the city.

  13. Re: the filthy little waterway comment above (3/2 3:54)…in these renderings the water is actually the bay…not Mission Creek. I think the poster was confused.
    But I agree with many of the posters….this project is far from many amenties, and it’s going to be a while before they catch up with it. And the architecture is bland (Morgan hit the nail on the head…why not some edgier industrial/waterfront projects?).
    Oh, and the huge decrepit piers in front? They’re SF Port property. They’ve never even been part of the Mission Bay Project Area. Meaning: no redevelopment money for fixing them, no real plan from the port. They are only, JUST NOW, beginning to think about what to do with them in the future. Good grief!

  14. The Port is about to construct a new public boat launch next to the Bayview Yachtclub, so now you just need boat parking and you’re set.
    I actually like the waterfront, the decaying piers and still used drydocks.

  15. “I actually like the waterfront, the decaying piers and still used drydocks.”
    They do have a classic look of a bygone era.
    But put it next to the gleaming Old Navy building, new Radiance buildings, and the upcoming new waterfront parkland, and the look will just contrast too match.
    Totally agree an edgier industrial look is more appropriate for this area.

  16. Anybody have any photo examples of the “rough port/industrial” concepts mentioned in this thread?

  17. If you hold out, they will go down. We now have the upper hand… don’t let these developers fool you.

  18. “If you hold out, they will go down. We now have the upper hand… don’t let these developers fool you.”
    Back to the Craigslist housing forum for you! Do you really think anyone on here is “getting fooled” by the developers?

  19. “If you hold out, they will go down. We now have the upper hand… don’t let these developers fool you.”
    People aren’t getting fooled, but do most people think that the developers will lower prices until they meet an equilibrium point or will they just keep postponing projects (i.e. Californian on Rincon Hill). The idealist in me would prefer the former but something tells me the latter is the more likely scenario.

  20. Regarding the person who asked for examples of port district residential architecture that is more “industrial with an edge”, check out the work of George Suyama and the firm Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen (Both design firms are in Seattle). I do not know if either have put up on their websites some of the projects I have seen, but they are fantastic. Suyama did a gallery with lofts above and next to an old dock complex that is amazing with a wabi-sabi type beauty that we should see more of in San Francisco.

  21. I was able to view what the Radiance has to offer this week. At first I was taken back by the prices, however the square footage of each unit is much greater than you will find in the area and the cost per square foot is in line with the rest of the properties in South Beach. All of the units are large with the average 2 bedroom going around 1700 square feet. At this location it seems the ones that you will want are the front townhomes or the corner units as there is a building going up next to and two towers behind the building. For these desired locations your looking above $1.6 for a large two bedroom or a 3 level townhome in the front. So its a lot of money for that location but they dont have as many to sell and the finishes are oustanding. So your standard upgrade packages are not offered because everything is top of the line and come standard.
    The cost per square foot is great, but you gotta be making some good money to live in these spacious places. I bet in 10 years people who purchased will be sitting well and happy about the choices they made but its hard being the first to take the plunge in that location.
    I think they have a great sales team, definately lots to look at inside just depends on what you can afford. Oh, and this is not a full service building no concierge etc.

  22. If its not a full service building, what would be the reason for the $600+ HOA dues?
    Does anyone else here think that is steep or just me.

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