2740 Green: Stairs
2740 Green: Kitchen
Ten months ago we succinctly described 2740 Green as a “modern masterpiece hidden behind a classic San Francisco exterior” while noting the $6M renovation and a $13.5M price tag. And it still is. Well, with the exception of the price tag. That’s changed. Now asking $11,500,000 (and featuring an upgraded virtual tour and photography).
∙ Listing: 2740 Green Street (6/6.5) – $11,500,000 [Sotheby’s] [MLS]
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4 thoughts on “More Green (For Less)”
  1. Oh man…..now that is the way you start a morning…
    Thanks guys, I really needed that. That definitely satisfied my REP (that’s real estate porn) craving.
    Now maybe if concentrate hard enough and spend enough on decoration, I can somehow turn my little 2-2, 1238 unit in Rincon Hill into my own little 2740 Green…

  2. This house has been on and off the market for years. It’s beautiful, but the exterior is sort of iffy… It looks like your typical Richmond condo… not that there is anything wrong with that!

  3. OMG – gorgeous! I would be bummed that my place isn’t nearly as fab but then again, “there’s always something better.” I’m sure we’ll be salivating at something else on this site soon enough.

  4. In particular the Versaille like park in the back – for 11 Mill LOL. But a sucker is born every minute…….

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