“Less than a year after acquiring 250 Brannan St. for $20 million as a luxury residential loft play, Florida real estate mogul Don Peebles is putting the property back on the market as offices and expects to attract offers as high as $35 million.”
Condo builder wants to sell space for offices [San Francisco Business Times]
SocketSite’s Complete Inventory Index (CII): Q1 2007 [SocketSite]

4 thoughts on “JustQuotes: Nope, Not Included In Our “Near-Term Likely” Cii Pipeline”
  1. The same issue of the Business Times which featured this article has a lead story about the 3 million square feet of proposed office space now awaiting approval by the Planning Dept., and the imminent revival of the annual “beauty contest” required by Proposition M for project approval. 250 Brannan has the advantage of already being configured as offices, so it wouldn’t have to jump through the hoops required by Prop M. In light of the condo glut and the strengthening office market, an office use of this building makes perfect sense.

  2. peebles is one of a growing list of people who have owned 250 brannan and done nothing with it other than hold into a rising martket. it is better to have luck and nothing else.
    i have heard thhis is the third development they have tried to develop in SF and struck out of each one.

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