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2863 Pacific: Kitchen (Image Source:
Another stately Pacific Heights home (2863 Pacific) hit the market yesterday. And while the current listing is lacking in photos (and carries an asking price of $7,750,000), what appears to be a website for the property’s last sale is filled with some beautiful shots, floor plans, and an asking price of $6,500,000 (it sold for $7,250,000 according to the agent).
And to be honest, we have no idea what to make of the fact that PropertyShark reports the property last changed hands on 5/9/06 for $10,875,000. Let’s just focus on the house (and all the pretty pictures).
UPDATE (2/24): As Eddy notes, 2855 Pacific (the yellow house next door) has officially hit the market as well (list price $7,700,000).
∙ Listing: 2863 Pacific (6/4.5) – $7,750,000 [MLS]
Sotheby’s Interactive Brochure: 2863 Pacific []
∙ Listing: 2855 Pacific (7/6.5) – $7,700,000 [Virtual Tour] [MLS]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by eddy
    So predictable.

  2. Posted by Sleepiguy

    How strange! This house was for sale very briefly last year and, if I recall correctly, was definitely listed as “sold.” Hmmmmm…

  3. Posted by Anonymous

    Don’t reley on Property shark. The house sold for 7,250,000. A beautiful house in a sterling location. Blows Vallejo Street out of the water…

  4. Posted by Eddy

    And now their Neighbor is selling too?
    2855 Pacific, MLS# 320152 @ $7.7m
    Seems odd?

  5. Posted by Anonymous

    This is house is much more elegant than that gaudy vallejo palace.

  6. Posted by Medusa

    Hey I have a house on Vallejo so don’t knock it! lol!
    Actually, these are great looking houses at “reasonable” high-end prices. If I were in the market for a prime Pacific Heights address, these would probably top my list, though I might hold out for a similarly priced home with bay views.

  7. Posted by Anonymous

    I can buy them both and have a couple million left over instead of the place on Vallejo!

  8. Posted by Anonymous

    Yes, you could have two houses “with a couple million left over instead of the place on Vallejo” , but you still would NOT have a “Special” Fur Storage Room like the Vallejo Palace.

  9. Posted by Michael

    Compared to 2855, 2863 Pacific looks like a bargain. Difference in kitchens/bathrooms is striking. Will be interesting to see what happens.
    And although Vallejo’s interior is over the top and a bit confused, it’s in a different league than either of these two houses. The views alone are worth a couple million more.

  10. Posted by Anonymous

    Good Grief! I just noticed the “FRANCAIS” button on the 2855 Pacific listing page. Of all the language translation tabs a multi-million dollar San Francisco home should have on its web page, FRENCH is only a “chic” conceit and the only other language listed. Really now, if anything, the tabs should be for a couple of Asian languages and Spanish. If any house should have the “Francais” button it should be the Vallejo Palace for proper theme ambience alone.

  11. Posted by tipster

    I love the mortgage calculator for 2863: with 10% down, it’s a low, low $43,800 per month payment. And because it exceeds $1M, none of it is tax deductible. With a $7,700 in property taxes per month and insurance and maintenance, all this can be yours for a cool $55,000 per month.

  12. Posted by Tim B

    It appears PropertyShark was right…The city shows a deed transfer on 5/9/06.

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