3022 Washington Street

We’ve had a serious crush on the converted firehouse at 3022 Washington for as long as we can remember. And just when we thought our crush couldn’t get any stronger, we catch a glimpse of that beautiful wood burning stove…

3022 Washington: Woodburning Stove

Designed by Architect Bernhardt Henriksen, the San Francisco firehouse was active until 1963 and then converted into a residence by interior designer John Dickinson. It’s an honest to goodness San Francisco landmark (#93), and served as home to former California governor and Oakland mayor Jerry Brown in the early 90s.

∙ Listing: 3022 Washington Street (3/4.5) – $4,850,000 [MLS]

7 thoughts on “For Our Love Of Old Engine House #23 (3022 Washington)”
  1. Now this IS a San Francisco landmark! I have always wanted to know what is in the tower structure? Bells, chimney, who knows? Thanks for all of the real estate porn lately. 2606 Jackson, 2863 Pacific, and now this! I am going to have to take a cold shower! (Was Jerry Brown the first owner to use this structure as a home?)

  2. Nice to see interesting SF HOMES instead of condo sites after condo sites. I was looking at some recent SF listings and there were a number of decently priced ($700K-$900K) renovated 3 Bdr/2 bath homes in the Sunset district for sale. Call me old-fashioned but single family homes have more appeal to me than the glitzy yet small new condos.

  3. Anonymous at 4:46: The tall tower at firestations was used to hang up the hoses so they could drain and dry out. Old fire hoses are these canvas things and hold a lot of water.
    Now that Fire Truck! That gets my vote so far this year for the 2007 Best Staging Oscar. Is it included?

  4. Send me some red hot pokers for my eyes… maybe from that atrocious fireplace.
    The stager needs to find a new job.
    Are they selling those candelabras and chandeliers?

  5. During the broker tour today I overheard the following words about the house from other guests:
    Couldn’t agree more.

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