368 Elm Street (Image Source: 368elm.com)
A tipster notes that after a little more than a month on the market 368 Elm Street is advertising 8 of 28 condos sold (30%). No word on whether these eight sales include any BMR units or inside transactions.
368 Elm Street Condos: First Release Pricing And Scoop [SocketSite]

One thought on “368 Elm Street Condos: A Sales Update”
  1. Sure, 8 “sold”, but only $5,000 is required to go under contract so I’d say that it’s closer to 8 people being “interested”. ;^) There are only 3 BMRs and that process hasn’t happened yet. Overall I think the units are fairly priced considering the sub-optimal location: it’s still a .4 mile walk to Hayes and Octavia, there’s high crime nearby (check the CrimeMaps web site), it’s sandwiched between 4 high traffic 3-lane roads, and it’s not very neighborhoody. But on the plus side the units feel bright and roomy, I like the kitchen, appliances and fixtures are great (although I think they skimped a bit on flooring/carpets) and HOAs are fair for a small development. It’s a bit of a gamble as to what’s going to happen with the rest of the undeveloped central freeway parcels.

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