Inside 461 2nd Street #557

We’re huge fans of Architect Olle Lundberg’s design aesthetic (and happen to covet the Norwegian car ferry he inhabits near China Beach). And seeing as how we’re not expecting an invitation to tour the inside of Ellison’s San Francisco pad (a Lundberg designed home), we’re jumping on the opportunity to explore a ClockTower loft that Lundberg designed along with interior decorator Linda Lee.

461 2nd Street #557 took four years to complete and features “2 tons of River Rock, $400,000 worth of fabricated glass and steel, and reclaimed Navy Turret ship mirrors on opposing sides of the windows to capture the partial water views.”

You had us at the Hobart (refrigerator).

UPDATE (12/1): Okay, we’ve been and we’re fans (the storage space, built-ins, and level of detail/finish are fantastic). And yes, that sofa has got to go…

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  1. Posted by Anonymous

    Ten years ago you could have bought it for $375,000.

  2. Posted by Anonymous

    So is it too late to answer the Larry Ellison trivia question? Interior Design magazine, 1997.

  3. Posted by amused

    Regarding the “ten years ago” comment: what’s your point? If you DID buy it ten years ago, good for you.

  4. Posted by Former Lurker

    We looked at it in early ’02 when it was listed, with all furniture and entertainment electronics included in the price, at $849K. It’s definitely “wow” space; I don’t think the photos do it justice (try to ignore the risible purple sofa). We were seriously interested but, after spending a couple of hours there, both day and night, we couldn’t get past how hard and cold the space is. Your mileage may vary. For what it’s worth, the unit sat on the market for months and months in ’02, and then sold for $785K. It looks eerily unchanged in 4 1/2 years (but for that purple sofa).

  5. Posted by Anonymous

    I hope someone’s bedroom isn’t under those ‘2 tons of river rock’.
    I certainly wouldn’t want to Live under that unit…

  6. Posted by Anonymous

    Honestly, the loft truly does look wonderful so it pains me to have to spoil the party…..but I would like to direct everyone’s attention to SocketSite’s earlier piece on the ClockTower lofts and the comments that followed.
    Here’s a hint: Bay Bridge

  7. Posted by Redseca2

    I found this place on the Lundberg site in the residential portfolio as the “Linda Lee” loft. These are older photos from when the loft was originally built out. This was when the price of the loft was a half or a third today’s price. It was obviously someone’s real “live-work” space with all sorts of stuff crammed in, and must have been really cool at late ’90’s prices for a creative person. It certainly wasn’t cold per a previous post. But now at over a million you have to sell it as a minimalist aesthetic objet d’art and it just ain’t fun any more.

  8. Posted by Anonymous

    Linda Lee is the original owner that did the renovation. She paid 375,000 in 1995 then sold it [Removed by Editor] for 1,050,000 in 2000. [Removed by Editor It] sold [again] in 2002 for 785,000.
    [Editor’s Note: Let’s try to keep it about the property and not the people (unless they happen to be the architects/designers/builders).]

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