201 Sansome #604
The word on the street is that The Royal San Francisco is struggling to close on their “pre-sales.” At the same time, unit #604 (which looks to be a flip) has just been reduced (“for quick sale [with a] highly motivated seller”) from $809,000 to $789,000. According to the Royal’s website, #604 was originally offered by the developer for $725,000.
The Royal San Francisco [SocketSite]
∙ Listing: 201 Sansome Street #604 (1/1) – $789,000 [Prudential via Pacific Union]
The Royal: Pricing [theroyalsf.com]

10 thoughts on “The Royal San Francisco: An Update (And A Flip)”
  1. This building is across the street from my office. Great building, but not an ideal location for condos IMO. The area is vacant after 6pm, and you need to walk all the way up to Kearney or out to North Beach to find anything to do/see at night.

  2. Well, unless that photo just does not do that place justice, I’d say their struggle is well deserved.
    I mean, c’mon….the place looks like a high-end apartment in Houston, Texas.

  3. OMG! That place costs over 700K???? The previous poster was right about it looking like an apartment in Houston–and not too high end either.

  4. Sad that people do this to old buildings. Would it pain developers to hire a decent interior designer rather than $&%@ing up SF buildings?

  5. Piece of crap building…
    It seems that most SF developers don’t know how to do Luxury… They need to learn from the buildings in Miami, NY, London, etc.. and really blow it out of the water.
    To rely solely on location (which is what the developer of the royal tried to do) is not enough when you are selling into the luxury segment.

  6. Hm. These incredibly small and bland units aren’t selling? Amazing.
    If these units look no better in person than they do in the photo, then the price still looks royally ridiculous, IMHO.

  7. It is not for everybody, but if your life revolves around the financial district, appreciate historical architecture and are into city living…trust me, it is perfect. Walking distance from everything! Empty streets at nite which allows for even more privacy….unless you know what it’s all about, you shouldn’t be dissing it. It is a niche property and really has no comparisons. Perfect location for investments too…people should stop comparing… I have friends who live there and it is one hell of a place. It is all about having the Financial District lifestyle and knowing what that means: no need for cars, no oceanviews, centralized location,Equinox gym, public transport everywhere,Five-star restaurants,luxury shopping,surrounded by beautiful architecture,prestigious,intimate, exclusive, high-end…a class or category all on it’s own only meant for some…

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