Shoreline Rendering
It has been two months since we last checked in on the Shoreline development, and unfortunately, we really don’t have anything new to report (other than more detailed pricing). In other words, there has been no movement on those last five units (out of nine).
∙ 41 Federal #31 (1/1.5) 1,060sqft – $950,000
∙ 41 Federal #32 (1/1.5) 921 sqft – $850,000
∙ 41 Federal #33 (2/2) 1,423 sqft – $1,350,000
∙ 41 Federal #41 (1/1.5) 956 sqft – $950,000
∙ 41 Federal #42 (1/1.5) 921 sqft – $875,000
The Scoop On The Shoreline (41 Federal) [SocketSite]

2 thoughts on “A Shoreline (41 Federal) Update”
  1. Only recently has it been in condition for you to see what a finished unit would look like, so there should be more sales soon (especially if they lower the price on those one-bedrooms.)

  2. I’ve been watching this building and also the prices. I went for a visit last weekend and met the agent from South Beach Real Estate. They apparently are now the agents handling the sales. If the prices were $50,000 cheaper they would still be high in the South Beach area. I cant see purchasing a 1 bedroom anywhere in the area right now at their listed prices, but I’m crossing my fingers Santa will be nice and by Christmas they will be a little more affordable.

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