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Construction continues on 888 Seventh Street (originally identified as 601 King) in Mission Bay, and it’s looking like it will be well into 2007 before its completed (they’re now targeting “Fall 2007”). In the meantime, floor plans for all six floors and 224 units, information regarding BMR units, and the ability to register for the interest list are currently available online. And marketing should start next month (10/06).
Capturing Construction [SocketSite]
888 Seventh Street []
New Developments: 601 King Street [SocketSite]

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  1. Posted by Anonymous

    Is 888 Seventh contruction really a part of Mission Bay? It does not look like it judging from the location on the map.
    Mission Bay residents has the exclusive privilege of paying a $25.00 a month city tax to Mission Bay management board. Though it is not necessarily a good thing. 🙂

  2. Posted by curmudgeon

    Yes, it’s part of Mission Bay…or at least of the large chunk of land that was owned by SP, and is a part of the Mission Bay plan. It doesn’t “feel” like Mission Bay because it is on the other side of 280. I think you’d call the neighborhood Showplace Square.

  3. Posted by Andrew

    It is December 2007 and building is not ready yet!
    I wonder why???

  4. Posted by ???

    Let me guess why it’s delayed? Maybe because its a BMR building and nobody cares how long it’ll take to be built? Maybe the developer is having a hard time selling the few market rate units, thus slowing the process?
    Anyhow its a horrible looking building and I cant imagine anyone buying a market rate in the building. They’ll have a better chance at Soma Bland.

  5. Posted by J

    Why don’t you do your homework before you make comments that aren’t true. The market rate units are all sold except for some of the 1 bedroom units. The location is great and the 3 bedroom units on the end are definitely unique. It is not a top end building but real estate in SF is about location and space. You can upgrade the rest. I don’t think being close to the train station can hurt either. Check your facts….

  6. Posted by kk

    888 came with AF Evans, Polaris Group and UNC Property Mgmt issues!

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