Rincon/Transbay (Image Source: 7x7)
We missed it in print, so we were pleasantly surprised to discover that The Lansing is providing 7×7’s great overview of what’s in the works for the area around Rincon Hill and the Transbay Terminal (Rincon/Transbay) as a downloadable pdf (5.3MB).

Ten or 11 new residential high-rises, interspersed among low-rise apartment buildings and townhouses, will range from 30 to 55 stories each and will contain about 7,500 new residential units housing about 15,000 people in the city’s densest neighborhood. These will include nearly 2,000 affordable apartments for buyers earning less than SF’s median income (or renters earning up to 60 percent of the median).
If all goes as planned, people will come to think of Folsom Street as the new Union or Polk, and the Rincon/Transbay area as the new Cow Hollow or Russian Hill – a place where city dwellers live, dine, shop and stroll.

And we could be wrong, but the pdf is looking a bit more like a scanned copy of the article than an officially licensed “re-print,” so get it while you can…
The Lansing (50 Lansing Street) [SocketSite]
Growth Factor: 7×7’s Overview of Rincon/Transbay – pdf [thelansing.com]

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