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THE LANSING has opened the doors to its 82 units at 50 Lansing Street (off First) and is stressing “IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY.” Developed by Lambert Development (of The Brannan fame), and touting a whole host of other contributors (including SB Architects, BaMo design, and lighting consultants Auerbach Glasow), the building is positioning itself as a “quiet urban oasis.”
Lottery numbers have already been drawn, and contracts closed, for the 10 BMR units (which ranged from $254,575 to $287,873), but market rate units are advertised to start from $595,000 for 1 bedrooms, $695,000 for 2 bedrooms, and $1,150,000 for penthouse homes. At the same time, the Chronicle’s ‘Neighborhood Homes Sold’ feature from May 21st reports that unit #111 closed for $557,500 and unit #212 closed for $579,000 (so there just might be some room for negotiation).
And if you want to try before you buy, unit #804 is being advertised (in the New York Times?) for rent at $2,700/mo.
THE LANSING [50 Lansing]
THE LANSING Development Team []
Neighborhood Homes Sold: Sunday, May 21, 2006 [SFGate]
∙ Rental Listing: 50 Lansing #804 (1/1) – $2,700/mo. [NYTimes]

2 thoughts on “The Lansing (50 Lansing Street)”
  1. I saw the lansing. Except for the roof deck it’s pretty unimpressive. And there’s another tower going up right across the street, which is going to block alot of their views.

  2. I’ve taken a look at this place as well and concur with the previous comment. Nothing special and a rather awkward location, imo. “Quiet urban oasis”? Hmmm…

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