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In 2002 Lakeview Ventures received approval to build an “affordable housing project” of 141 apartments at 724 Van Ness (actually two towers, a 14-story tower on Van Ness and a 7-story tower on Turk). Two years later, the project was sold to condo developer West Bay Builders. And today, construction of Symphony Towers is well underway, but in the form of 130 condominiums (~16 BMR) which should be finished late 2006/early 2007.
It’s a classic case of urban infill, and how despite the fact that “they’re not making any more land,” two one-story buildings (housing an auto shop, restaurant, and retail) can become 130 new homes (albeit not overnight). The “community” will be marketed by Pacific Marketing Associates.
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3 thoughts on “Symphony Towers (750 Van Ness Avenue)”
  1. you’re right, urban infill is great, but let’s also remember to lament the loss of all those affordable units, which are severely lacking for working families.

  2. In the shadow of Civic Center you’d hope for a thoughtful/bolder building, instead we get this monstrosity (which looks alot like the Heritage on Fillmore)…who in the “planning department” thought this was appropriate architecture for this site? Looks like a Hampton or Days Inn.

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