According to the Chronicle, the city of San Francisco has been on a palm tree planting spree (300+ over the past six years) in “an effort to lure tourists and reduce urban blight.” And while many cheer the campaign, and the trees, others protest. And here’s where we come to an unfortunate quote: “Palms have been called high-rise condominiums for rats.” We’re guessing that’s not exactly the imagery the marketing department had in mind when pitching the concept of The Palms.
No retort from the Palms PR department. We are, however, pretty sure we detected numerous chuckles emanating from the marketing departments of all the other new developments about town.
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  1. Posted by Mole Man

    Palms are high maintenance and low value. Their days were numbered from the time they were planted. Patience will run out eventually. Let’s see if San Francisco catches on any faster than Miami who have been aggressively replacing palms with other trees for a while now.

  2. Posted by bg

    I’ve got palms in front of my building, supposed to make it look like LA I guess. Now the darn things are taller than my 4 story building. From the street, they look like telephone poles. Useless. And now I’m stuck maintaining them too!

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