Inspired by a tip from Damion Matthews (the last new unit at the St. Regis is now in contract), we thought we’d check in on a couple of other new developments we’ve been tracking:
1. 1725 Washington: No newly reported sales in the past three weeks (seven units still active on the MLS).
2. 1635 California: No active listings on the MLS, and yet a tipster notes that only half the units look occupied based on a drive-by. Could it be sold out? If so, congratulations to Vanguard! If not, who’s got the inside scoop?
3. 1551 Filbert: Unit #1 is back in contract; units #2 and #4 are still active.
4. 776 Tehama/1277 Howard: We’re not sure what to make of this (okay, maybe we do). According to their website, only one closed sale (#13) in the first four weeks (no, we’re not counting the two BMR “sales”), and yet #13 is still active on the MLS. Also interesting to note, a number of new comments disagreeing with our first impression of the development (which we encourage), although possibly more than one “first impression” from the same person (which we don’t).
5. The St. Regis: “Officially” sold out; only resales (and free Lamborghinis?) from here on out.
Weekend Update: Three Weeks Later [SocketSite]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by thrillhouse

    Re: 1635 California. For about a month (maybe longer, can’t remember) there have been a couple of ads on Craigslist for rental units in the building.
    Also for awhile, Vanguard themselves had a couple of ads posted for rental units in the building (this is in addition to the ads above). Those are gone, but the guy above keeps posting for two units.

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