Glen Park Market Place (Image Source:
Polaris Group has launched a website for the Glen Park Market Place which consists of 15 condominiums offering “stylish finishes and contemporary floor plans,” a grocery, and a public library.
In doing so, it also appears that Polaris Group has liberated borrowed lifted done none of the aforementioned. (see update below) a number of the site’s images directly from Gregg & Garrett’s Glen Park Real Estate site. And although “flattered,” they’re really not so happy about it. Let’s just say that we can definitely empathize…
Update: A major mea culpa from Gregg & Garrett, “It appears I was dead wrong on the use of my images.” (Did you try blaming the intern?) Kudos to Polaris Group for being gracious, understanding, and reasonable (really).
Glen Park Market Place [2815 Diamond]
Glen Park Real Estate []
Come On Curbed (comments) [SocketSite]

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