Okay, so while not technically ‘Bait and Switch’ (as the unit, just not the price, is still available), we have a feeling the folks over at MLS might frown upon the pricing “strategy” of 321 Langton #11. Or more specifically, frown upon listing a property in the MLS at a price point meant to ‘capture attention’ but without the intention of actually selling at that price (and then raising the price after generating some buzz).
Check out ReyEstate for the complete history. And damn, where’s an MLS Cop when you really need one…
Update: As a tipster points out, Urban Bay Properties might want to update the price of 321 Langton #11 on their very own site (showing $599,000 as of 3/31 versus $679,000 on MLS) and in their Open House Schedule (emailed 3/31). Now that’s bait and switch…
Get Comfy… [ReyEstate]
Timing is Everything! [ReyEstate]

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  1. Posted by Trust Me

    Feels like running into a car dealership as the first customer of the day to buy that just advertised New 2006 BMW 5 series for an unbelievable bargain of only $20k; only to discover that as soon as the doors open for business, this incredible deal has already been sold.
    But don’t fret, Mr. Smitty has a similar car for about $38k to show you!
    This whole Langton St switcheroo sure does show you how unethical the listing agents can be. I have dealt with one of these guys before and trust me when I say, scruples and morals are not part of their vocabulary.
    Last thought: How can you establish trust and confidence when the initial impression reeks of borderline unethical business behavior? Terrible.
    Please sign on the dotted line. Trust me.

  2. Posted by Courtney Gidts

    I’ve managed to save up roughly $46160 in my bank account, but I’m not sure if I should buy a house or not. Do you think the market is stable or do you think that home prices will decrease by a lot?

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