3701 Washington: San Francisco Decorator Showcase Property
Purchase a Presidio Heights Beaux Arts mansion (3701 Washington) in need of renovation for $8 million; spend a “couple of million” updating the plumbing, roof, and parking; entice 25 top-tier decorators to ‘volunteer’ their time; and voila! We give you the 29th annual San Francisco Decorator Showcase property. (And a brand spanking new $15.5 million dollar price tag.)
3701 Washington will be open to the public from for the Showcase from April 29 to May 29 (tickets $30), and the property is now available for purchase through super agent Olivia Hsu Decker. And did we mention that 3701 Washington just happens to be the Real Estate Journal “House of the Week”? (Notes to Journal: 1. U.S. Sen. Diane Feinstein has moved, 2. what’s up with those mad “dusk time” photoshopping skills?)
The San Francisco Decorator Showcase [sfuhs.org]
San Francisco Beaux Arts Mansion With Panoramic Views of the Bay [RealEstateJournal]

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