Potrero Hill As Seen By Hill & Co.
[Photo: Hill & Co. mailer (and site) image for Portrero Hill]
Real Estate Brokerage Hill & Company blankets Potrero Hill with a glossy mailer touting their ‘locals only’ knowledge of the neighborhood. Based on the reaction from the Potrero Hill, San Francisco Blog, they might have missed their mark:

“Word of advice to Hill & Co: If you’re going to try to pretend you know Potrero Hill, at least do some fact checking with the locals.”

Especially when they have their own neighborhood Blog…
Update: Apparently the owner of the house that Hill & Co. features on the mailing (and on their site) is pissed and “has called Hill to complain”. But that might actually have less to do with Hill & Co. per se, and more to do with the attention (and comments) thrust upon this house by its new found notoriety (“That is my favorite horrible house. I try to like it, and each time I gag.”).
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